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Sam's 'Before' Weight/Measurements

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Sam's 'Before' Weight/Measurements

Postby s1.russell » Sat Mar 24, 2012 9:56 pm

Hi everyone!

My name's Sam. I'm a 176cm tall 18-year-old female from Brisbane, Queensland.
I've been overweight since I was in early primary school. I've tried a few times over the last 5 years to lose weight, always reverting back to my high-carb everyday diet and ending up heavier than I started every time.

This time I'm more educated and way more motivated, so now it's time for me to shake this weight for good!

Currently I'm weighing in at 113kg, with a BMI of 36.5.
Waist of 105cm, hips of 127cm, and a size 18-20 - though I'm verging on size 22 in bottoms.

My long term goal is to lose 38kg, to reach 75kg, by the 12th of January. I've chosen this date because I'll be going overseas to Vietnam with my boyfriend and his family (who are Vietnamese) in late January.

I've broken my long term goal down into 7 smaller goals.

By 5th of May, after 6 weeks, my goal is to lose at least 5kg and weigh 108kg.
By 16th of June, after 12 weeks, my goal is to lose at least 10kg and weigh 103kg.
By 28th of July, after 18 weeks, my goal is to lose at least 15kg and weigh 98kg.
By 8th of September, after 24 weeks, my goal is to lose at least 20kg and weigh 93kg.
By 20th of October, after 30 weeks, my goal is to lose at least 25kg and weigh 88kg.
By 1st of December, after 36 weeks, my goal is to lose at least 30kg and weigh 83kg.
By 12th of January, after 42 weeks, my final goal is to have lost at least 38kg and weigh 75kg.

Wish me luck!
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Re: Sam's 'Before' Weight/Measurements

Postby Retire_The_Fat » Sun Mar 25, 2012 12:41 am

You sound very motivated and on the ball.

Good luck with your set of goals :)

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Re: Sam's 'Before' Weight/Measurements

Postby Mayden » Sun Mar 25, 2012 12:50 pm

Hi Sam and welcome to the forum.

You have a great set of goals here, good luck and I will look forward to seeing your progress.
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