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My diet

Postby seashore » Tue Apr 17, 2007 5:03 pm

I have been doing well in my diet.

I feel usually not hungry but a bit dull. For some reason I woke up today feeling so dry. I do plan to see a doctor about my dry skin and dry hair.

I am starting to drink cups of tea. Is that alright. I know tea has caffeine which slows down weightloss. But what else can I supplement it with. I tried water with juice but that is too fattening. I don't have any sugar with my tea.

While dieting I just feel like drinking something. Is soda water alright without sugar. I might try it.

I am thinking of looking for work. That will keep me occupied. I already work casual but I am thinking of finding more work. I will be earning more money but I'll also be busy all the time.

Love Sneha.
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