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Lipro users?

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Lipro users?

Postby wants2loseWEIGHT » Wed Jul 04, 2012 9:29 pm

Hi! Would like to know if anyone in here is also taking Liproxenol diet pills? Maybe we can share our journeys together? I have been taking acaislim before and just started taking lipro now as i find it to have more energy.

Would like to know how many months are you taking lipro and how many kilos have you lost?
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01/11/2011 = 102 kg
06/02/2012 = 93 kg
26/03/2012=91 kg
16/04/2012=88.4 kg
01/05/2012=85.1 kg
17/06/2012=78.1 kg
01/07/2012=76 kg
22/07/2012=72.5 kg
20/08/2012=68.5 kg
03/09/2012=67.8 kg
30/09/2012=66.1 kg
30/10/2012=64.9 kg
30/11/2012=62.1 kg
09/12/2012=62.2 kg
23/12/2012=61.9 kg
05/01/2013=62 kg
24/02/2013=59.9 kg
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