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Tegan's Progress Journal

Postby mumof2 » Wed Feb 07, 2007 10:41 am

Thought it might be time to start one of these! I've had a bit of trouble with the weight over the last 3 years and need some motivation.

Firstly, i should start off with how i got here!

I used to always be a little overweight when i was younger. But i got to 16 and the weight just dropped off me. This could have been due to yr10 exams, the stress of it etc, im not sure. But i got down to about 65kgs, in a size 10-12. Needless to say, i still thought i was fat! I now know how wrong i was.

Then when i was 17 i found out i was pregnant with my daughter. Such a shock for me and my husband(then boyfriend). I guess i ate food as a way of comfort, even though i loved being pregnant and fell in lover with her as soon as i saw on at my first ultrasound. So anyway, i gained over 30kgs during the pregnancy and got up to over 100kgs. Not that i noticed at the time! Ignorant me thought id go back to the way i was previously after i had her.

After i had Lily, i lost 15kgs(all baby weight, fluid etc) but i soon gained it all back on. I think it may have been due to PND, not that i was officialy diagnosed with it but i see now that i did probably have it.

I was 108kg and feeling very sorry for myself. We moved to QLD, to start fresh. I went down to about 90kg. Feeling happy again. We decided to give Lily a sibling. I found out i was pregnant in January 06. Moved back to NSW in March 06. 2006 was a very emotional year for me. 2 months before we were due to marry, my mum died very unexpectidly. I think i was in denial, but not once did i cry until after i had had my son. So we got married in September 06. My son was born October 06. Even to this day, i still have not greived vry much for my mum. I'm one of those people who bottles up things quite a lot.

So, i have become depressed and have turned to food for comfort. After i had my son i weighed 105kgs. Right now i weigh 97kgs. I can tell you now though, this is not due to e trying to lose weight. In my depressed state i now hardly eat or sleep. Which is not healthy either.

I did try though. 6 weeks after i had Charlie i joined a gym with my husband. I went for 2 months and not once did i lose any weight. Probably due to my emotional state. So i stopped, thinking it was worthless. I also tried Lite N Easy, but it just got too expensive in the end.

So now I have decided to change. Next week i am renewing my membership for the gym and am going to go 5-6 days a week. I feel this is the right amount for me because i am still quite fit to do it.(chasing after a 2 year old all day is probably why!) Plus for the last 2 weeks i have been buying nothing but healthy stuff at shopping. No junk at all.

I also think doing it this way will also improve my emotional state. I feel i can do this on my own without the need for medication. I am going to do meditation and yoga every week too. So glad my gym has these classes! The gym also has a pool. I love to swim, so will be getting back into that too.

Right now my goal is become healthy and, hopfully, get down to under 80kg by my birthday(26th June). My ultimate goal is to be 61kg which is my healthy weight for my height(im so short!)

So, i hope i get a lot of motivation here and meet a few friends along the way too!
Mum to Lily(2) & Charlie(3mths)


Mini goals:
#1 - 89kgs
#2 - 85kgs
#3 - 79kgs
#4 - 70kgs
#5 - 65kgs

I want to reach my goal weight by Christmas 2007. I CAN do this!
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Postby kate_turner2000 » Wed Feb 07, 2007 10:48 am

what a story! thanks for sharing that with us tegan its nice to know a bit of background on the members on the forum and alot of us can relate to parts of it! i too am pretty much on the go all the time with a 14 month old!

good on you for making the decision to join the gym again. im sure you will get lots of use out of it this time around and with all the healthy foods you are consuming im sure the weight will start dropping off you. best wishes for reaching your goal by your birthday i believe you can do it. :)

if you need anything give us all a yell :)
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