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Postby milo » Mon Aug 06, 2007 5:57 pm


Hey all, I havnt been on for a while. A few things in life has been happening so I havnt been on much. Life was taking abit of a negative turn but things seem to be going ok now.

Today I went out shopping and I was proud of myself I had a kebab for lunch instead of the upsized kfc meal I usually would get. The kebab didnt seem to fatty either like they usually do so thats a bonus.

I dont think I did to badly seeming I was out all day long.

This is how I went today

breakfast- none. Bad I know but I had a dr appointment I had to go to and woke up late

Morning Tea- a tea

Lunch- kebab plus a dinner roll from kfc

afternoon tea- a few pizza shapes

Dinner- its going to be my chicken cashew salad.

Excerise - 30 min walk for dh and puppy

Water- will be 1.5 liters by the end of the day
Mel :)

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