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my way of lose weight

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my way of lose weight

Postby swedputte » Wed Jul 11, 2007 6:59 am


Ive had some problems to lose weight ive stoped eating i became really sick nut now im healthy and 25 kilos lighter i finally found the way for mee to succed with my weightloss, the weigthloss formula help mee get thru all my problems and to lose weight!!! i can really recommend its all about food exercise and how to succed loosing weight

// any questionss please write
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Postby Dave » Wed Jul 11, 2007 8:50 am

That's Great Swedputte,
Congrats on the 25kg loss...If it's working, keep it up...I think it's worth bearing in mind though......that when you reach your goal weight, you might have to train your body back to eating regular healthy I'm sure your aware :) I have found fruit in the mornings before exercise helpful on my low days, as well as the occasional lightly seeded piece of toast, to help keep the digestive track in good reasonable condition whilst on powders.
Just be careful, when exercising and relying on Powders...I know they boast all the wonderful ingredients and they do have some benefits’...just don’t forget to include natural sweeteners & plenty of water at the right times before and after your exercising: wink:

Hope it bodes well for you!
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