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Emmy's Journal!

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Emmy's Journal!

Postby emmy » Sun Aug 05, 2007 9:09 am

Hi everyone,
I'm emmy, 20 y.o female from melbourne :)
New to the forum and thought i would make a journal, something I could write in at the end of the day updating my progress, etc and seeing how I've done.
I don't have too much weight to lose - goal is to lose about 6.5 kg.
Want to eat healthier, cut out alcohol for at least 3 weeks, re-introducing it occasionally.
I am not overweight, but what you'd call "skinnyfat". :oops: :lol:
I was always 48kg (166cm tall) then i quit smoking, started drinking heaps and not caring what i ate, didnt exercise. Guess it's caught up with me :? and i'm now 54.5kg within 6 months.
While I'm still in the healthy weight range, I have 20.3% bodyfat - which i want to lower significantly, perhaps between 10-15%.
My weigh/measure days are Saturdays, my exercise will be for an hour monday - friday, (combination of cardio, weights and stretches) with the weekends off because I have quite a strenuous outdoor job on the weekends.
Anyways, hope to see you round the board!
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