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Postby Bread-Monster » Thu Sep 27, 2007 9:32 pm

Thanks, Madeline, I've been going to a lot of divine restaurants lately. Brilliant food is my weakness, unfortunately. I sort of remind myself of that food critic in Ratatouille, "I don't like food. I LOVE food and if I don't LOVE it, I don't swallow". I'm not that fussy though, otherwise I would be a toothpick.

*sigh* I did better this week. Made a bunch of mushy fried rice, hardly any oil, lots of veggies. The boy loved it, but as usual, it was too bland for me so I drowned it in tabasco sauce and extra chilli flakes.

Today I had a fist-sized serving of fried rice, 1 weetbix, 2 pieces of toast, 1 peanut butter, spinach and cheese sandwich on wholemeal bread 1 apple, 1 "spicy chicken" handroll, 1 tuna handroll, 1 prawn rice paper roll...

I may have eaten just a little too much..

But I worked my bum off in Spinning today plus I did lots of walking. Yay!

I had a driving lesson today. I didn't stall once and the instructor complimented me on my pedal control! Yay! That's what happens when you learn in a sports car with a bitey clutch.

Tomorrow, Friday...meh...I have to mow the lawn but before that, I have to walk 15 minutes down the road (downhill), rent the lawn mower, push it uphill all the way home, mow the lawn in less than 2 hours, dump all the green waste, push the damn thing back downhill, then walk back uphill again to walk to uni where I would have to push the 600kg Formula SAE car around for a bit and do some grease monkey work...

I'll just forgo the Gym tomorrow, eh? Unfortunately, I have a physics study group at 9 am. Study groups = snacks. Argh!

Anyway, I've been too scared to step on the scales. I don't really care now, I've more less reached my goal weight. Some days I'll weigh less, some days I'll weigh more. The body fat is the main thing and I can tell just by sitting on my bum that my body fat percentage is a little higher than before...strangely...I don't really care.

The truth is, I hate dieting. I could lose 2 more kilograms and bring myself down to a BMI of 18.3....but that would mean sacrificing sashimi, french restaurants, thai chilli fried snapper and an assortment of yummy foods that I don't get to eat often anyway to be a stupid number that would mean nothing anyway because I'm already a healthy BMI of 19.

Most importantly, I'm have always been happy with myself. Now that I'm whatever weight I am, I just feel healthier and happier.

And on that note, I don't think there's really much of a need to me to keep updating this thread unless I put on a tragic amount of weight between now and tomorrow.

So thank you for reading and good night. Exams are on the horizons and I intend to meet it head on and armed to the teeth! Onwards to slay the evil foe!
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