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Bom-Bah's Progress....

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Bom-Bah's Progress....

Postby Fatty-Bom-Bah » Thu Oct 04, 2007 4:33 am

won't go into the reasons/excuses for getting to the stage i'm @ except to say that it was convenient for a time to become 'invisible' via weight gain n while that is still a tempting way to live (some days), it's time to be accountable for living the fuller life n move on, with the health risks taken to live that way, am very lucky that all i'm facing is a long journey in overhaul-age n not irreversible health probs!

please excuse limited participation to the forum, currently work fills up alot of the time n also these days, exercise is taking priority over the computer time (except now of course) ;)

thanks again for all the support shown in the short time i have been here (if u were waiting on a reply to your welcoming message, i was able to get back to these boards the other day to do so)

hopefully i am able to offer some support in return by posting what i can of the progress made n offer another way of doing things in the process

good luck with your journey, you're not alone!
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Postby Fatty-Bom-Bah » Thu Oct 04, 2007 4:39 am

Month 1 - Sept 2007 - in the beginning

(starting weight 86kg, BMI: 30.8 - obese)

as mentioned in the intro, have had a good start to this journey with 17weeks of stepping (10,000 step challenge), the fitness levels had got to a stage for upping participation in making the healthier life happen

had moved beyond the 'fat' clothes into a size up n now even they were starting to fall apart n were feeling a little too tight! (didn't help that these were now the only clothes i had to wear in a face-to-face customer service job!) .... one month in, i'm still wearing them but they feel alot looser, so maybe i won't have to wear them for too much longer!

to start with, i set an appt with the doctor to get the all clear in losing a large-ish amount of weight n signed up to this forum (n the september 2007 challenge) after looking for some online support in this venture - outside support comes from my bf, family, friends, co workers n doctor

i've chosen to get some self-paced personal training (via book) with Bob Greene's "Get with the Program!"....hey if he's good enough for Oprah, why not?! it's broken up into 4 phases with a recomended time for each phase once u get the hang of it (being self-paced, there is time allowed for weening into things which is great)

september was spent getting into an exercise routine n getting word out about the changes needing to be made - building up support still walk when i can (just not for the same amounts of time that i used to) - now its measured in time not steps - now it's usually anywhere between 30mins - 1hr each day

don't own a set of scales, fitness levels n how clothes fit will be my main measures but for the weigh in's for this forum, i'll be weighed once a mth using mum's scales (on one of my visits to her, thanks mum!) n the doc will be doing a weigh in once a mth (which falls in the middle of the mth, so in effect two weigh in's per mth using two diff sets of scales, aaaah the pressure to 'behave'!)

as for 'get with the program'....i started at phase 1 and was getting into phase 2 by the end of sept
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Postby Fatty-Bom-Bah » Thu Oct 04, 2007 4:48 am

Phase One - Truth, Commitment and Self - Control

this involved facing up to the challenges ahead, getting medical clearance, reading up on the program, theory, doing some written activities (which i did in my head rather than on paper), drinking 6 glasses of water a day n starting an exercise program

one of the reasons i decided to go with 'get with the program' was becoz i was looking to build up a workout that i could do at home with minimal cost, minimal equipment so that there is no excuses not to do it (like on holidays, etc)

following the program, there is no real weight loss expected until phases 2 or 3 - so i guess it will test the patience, as does anything worth waiting for!

there are 3 diff types of fitness (functional, cardiovascular n muscle fitness) that this program deals with, phase 1 looks @ functional first as the exercises set will be used everyday of the program

functional exercises:

flexibility (stretches) - 5 diff types
abdominal crunches - 4 diff types (15 of each - 60 crunches all up)
back n shoulder exercises - 2 diff types (15 of each)
lower leg exercise - 1 exercise

phase one functional exercise requirements - one set of 15 x 3 per week

couldnt do this to begin with, did a little each day to get the hang of it, took me until the end of week 2 to work it out n do the required number! for stretching n cooling down after the session, i do the same stretches again


exercise biking! this wasnt part of phase one it was something i wanted to do n build up...after the functional activities i'd jump on the exercise first becoz i was struggling with it, i set time targets from 1 minute to the fitness improved (n it has heaps in this month!), i started aiming for distance...first 3km, then 5km five-six days per the end of sept, i was doing 10kms most days and 20km on every other day (time allowing)

so yeah that's where i'm at end of sept - beginning october

sept 2007 start weight - 86kg
sept 2007 end weight - 83.5kg
weight loss - 2.5kg

weight loss was a bonus becoz that isn't expected until phase 2 or 3, if anything the program 'prepared' u for the possibility of a weight gain becoz of the increase in fluids
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