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thursdays biggest loser recap ( BOOK REPORT)

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thursdays biggest loser recap ( BOOK REPORT)

Postby hushpuppy » Thu Feb 15, 2007 7:04 pm

Book Report Done mamm

So, The Walk is on again tonight, and Gerard might not be returning…


Yeah, right, don’t you people ever learn?

Read on to find out what happens during the one hour special episode.

Shannan says that for the first time when he walked into the mansion, there was a bit of uneasiness in his team. Bob asks the team about the temptation, if they did it, did they stick together, etc. Gerard admits that he didn’t stick with the team.
Bob asks why he did that? “Cause I found the mongrel in me and I jumped in!â€￾ - Gerard

Bob goes on to say that the house can make you get a bit paranoid and apparently Gerard felt like his spot was in danger.

Kelly talks a load of crap, saying she was never tempted by the temptation, because she’s a team player and whatever the team says, goes.

Damien and Mel both say they were disappointed, but they understand why he did. Michael hedges and when pushed by Shannan, he admits he was disappointed as well because he comes from a team sports background and team’s stick together, etc.
In the side interview, Michael says he’s sure Gerard felt like he had a life last week, and now he’s got another.

Jillian is well pleased with her team for not caving in on the temptation this week. Today she wanted to show them how much they can already do that they couldn’t do just a week and a half ago.
Courtney is super impressed that he can run 18km/h, but his math doesn’t resemble our Earth math - he says he’s running “almost as fast as a school zone!â€￾ Uhhh, yeah, not quite!
Nevertheless, Jillian is impressed with his strength now, saying he’s young and going to put in a good number this week and rah rah rah.
Personally, I still expect both Greg and Marty to outperform him, but we’ll see!

“Gee, walking past everyone was tough!â€￾ - Gerard, beginning the walk.

And again, reiterating the ludicrous “If Gerard returns…â€￾ garbage.
He has immunity!!! It would be beyond the pale to kick him out of the game after he just earnt immunity!

Shannan sits his blue team down to chat with them about The Walk’s stones, while he’s off picking one. Trying to keep team morale high he tells them to forget about Gerard’s Walk, all they can worry about is what they do, and what they need to do is go lose some more weight!
So it’s off to the gym once more, where he gets them all to put on boxing gloves. Some of the blue team then works on the punching bags, one does some rowing machine exercise (with the gloves on!) while another does some sparring with Shannan.

Apparently Kelly isn’t worried about what Gerard might get from the stones, because she “knew that Gerard would definitely side with me.â€￾
Why? Why would he do that? You’re acting like a censored to him!

Gerard admits to being very nervous on the Walk, but says that every guy likes a bit of power, and if he gets the power to change the game then he’s going to change it for the benefit of him and his team.

And now, a surprise unlike any that has ever been seen before is set to be revealed… as four obviously overweight women start to walk across the bridge. It looks sturdy though, so they’re probably not in any imminent danger.

Ajay reminds Gerard that Sarah and Sam have left the game, as if he’d somehow forgotten? And that now those two will be replaced.
And Gerard will have to choose between the four ladies now walking across the bridge.
“Four of them? Two of them are going to hate me!â€￾

Laura, Kelly, P’eta and Jess are their names.
P’eta seems a good bet, on her name alone - someone needs to challenge Munnalita for stupidest name in the house?

The girl’s each have a little spiel to Gerard about why they need to lose some weight.

Gerard in an aside says that they were all lovely and he didn’t want to pick, they all deserved to be in the mansion!

But no, Gerard doesn’t really have to pick between them. He just has to pick two rocks with girl’s names on them. Woo! Dramatic!

First rockgirl - Laura!
Second rockgirl - P’eta!

(Those of you who read my earlier newsflash can stop slapping your forehead, now. :-P)

Seems a fairly cruel way to do it, poor Jess and Kelly would’ve been crushed… but perhaps another contestant will leave and they’ll get yet another chance!

Kelly and Jess are both going to use it as inspiration, Kelly saying she didn’t want to be known as that fat chick that got rejected on The Biggest Loser.

P’eta sees the bridge as a bit of a metaphor for her life - once she gets off the bridge it’s like she’s stepping into a whole new life and she’d blow up the bridge if she had to in order to avoid going back to that life.

(Side note: During this ad break there was a news segment that included a bit about Germaine Greer’s portrait in the National Gallery being replaced… BY STEVE IRWIN! Best. News. EVER.)

Laura’s getting a bit upset about her bum almost getting too big to fit through the doorways in her house. It’s a bit of an exaggeration, but amusing nonetheless!

P’eta… IS A LESBIAN! \o/
Her partner doesn’t mind her weight, but of course she’d like her to lose some for her health and such. P’eta is upset because she can’t go to restaurants and such.

Both teams are in the weigh-in room, on one platform this time. Gerard still hasn’t returned from the walk, and both teams are now wondering if Ajay really has eaten him/told him he’s out of the game.
But no, shortly afterwards Gerard strolls in… with P’eta and Laura in tow. Cue shot of Kelly giving the stink-eye look at the new girls.

So far P’eta seems the more talkative of the two newbies, expressing her concern about coming in to a game that has already been going for a little while.
Courtney’s concerned that “this could stuff plans…â€￾ So long as they’re your plans I don’t think anyone but you and show-me-the-money-lita will care!

Laura’s actually a little bit excited, apparently! Finally getting to meet everyone.
Damien said it must be a little daunting… I think he’s a bit of a softy and will be arguing for everyone to not give them a hard time.

P’eta admits that she wants to see who she’s up against for the big prize. Cue another shot of Kelly looking disgusted. And Courtney mutters over to Pati, “I don’t like her.â€￾ And Pati doesn’t like you, ha!
He goes on to make a lot of assumptions about her character, implying she’s some kind of dog or something, which is real charming.

Laura is the first one who has to step up on the scales.
We’ll call this Week 1.
Laura: 109.2kg
Not too shabby, really. She’s one of the lightest in the house, especially since Mel’s lost some kilos since entering the house.

She has, apparently, always been a big girl. She’s doing it for her Dad, who has had heart attacks and has type 2 diabetes, etc. He applied last year but didn’t make it, so she’s hoping she can get on and lose weight and then go back home and help him!

Gerard relates to her in a way, as he sees Laura as being around the age where she could be his daughter, so it could’ve been one of his kids up there instead.

P’eta’s turn. Looking at the two side by side, she’s definitely bigger, but by how much?
P’eta: 131.6kg
Up there with the heavier women of the comp.

She’s disappointed that it’s come to this, not sure how she got there, etc. Munnalita and Kelly aren’t looking on with a lot of sympathy. Apparently they’ve forgotten that a week and a bit ago, that was them.

Ajay stirs the pot some more by asking her if she thinks she can be the biggest loser. She says that she does think she can. Cue more shots of current fatties looking disgusted.

Someone calls out “Welcome, P’eta!â€￾ and someone else calls out “Good luck!â€￾ and yet another someone mutters “You’re going to need it…â€￾

At the next official team weigh-in, their scores will be recorded… But they will also both join Gerard and be given immunity, which is a great idea, as otherwise they’d only be there for about 4 days, which would have been absurd! At least this way they will have a fighting chance to prove they’re worth keeping in the team over some other people - like Courtney, for example!
Tomorrow, the Red and Blue teams will be given a challenge, the winner will be allowed to choose which newb they want to adopt.
Kelly butts in here and says that Laura seems all nice and sweet and P’eta seems all angry and aggressive and so on, so she’d much rather have Laura on the Blue team?

Why? Surely the angry and aggressive one would be of more use to the team in challenges and be more likely to lose more weight, etc? Time will tell!

The newbs and the existing Fatties go off to the lounge room to sit down for a chat. Both teams put on a show of being welcoming and nice. Oh, if only you knew…
Damien seems okay with it all, saying they don’t get out much to meet new people and such, which is obviously something he relishes, being a band member and all.
P’eta’s been fooled into thinking they’re all nice people. Oh dear.

Greg’s the number one fan of the show it appears, telling the two newbs that there’s lots of support and they only bring in good food and the existing fatties are a great group of people, etc.

Laura starts to break down in tears while talking about how the first night will probably be the hardest. Oh dear, wait to the first training session!

Blues head off after the newbs depart to get settled in their bedroom to discuss the new peeps and which one they’d want. It’s a bit of a toss-up from their point of view, either the stronger one, P’eta, or the one better for the team dynamic, Laura.
Reds seem to see it differently - P’eta all the way, because they’re still all about winning the challenges and they think she’d be best for that. They also think she’ll do better at the weigh-ins.
I don’t think they know she’s a gay too. Two gays in one team? Oh noes!

This week’s major challenge in tomorrow night’s episode is the big damn plane pulling one. The reward? Contact with loved ones! It’s barely been two weeks, sheesh. For the newbs it’ll only be two days! Ha!
Oh well, it looks like they struggle to do it, so it should make it fun to watch regardless.

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Postby kate_turner2000 » Thu Feb 15, 2007 7:11 pm


lol jules did you write that out or is it from another site? LOL

i was wondering what

P’eta… IS A LESBIAN! \o/ meant? PMSL

i watched it but was quite upset by the show on after it -saving babies' (will post about it in a minute)

id be interested in seeing which new girl goes to which team :)
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Postby CrimsonThunder » Thu Feb 15, 2007 11:16 pm

It's got a link down the bottom there Kate. ;) Thanks for posting!
- Stevo
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Postby Jisgone » Fri Feb 16, 2007 12:59 am

And now, a surprise unlike any that has ever been seen before is set to be revealed… as four obviously overweight women start to walk across the bridge. It looks sturdy though, so they’re probably not in any imminent danger.

i laughed so loud when i read that i woke my brother!!
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Postby electrongirl » Fri Feb 16, 2007 8:17 am

P’eta seems a good bet, on her name alone - someone needs to challenge Munnalita for stupidest name in the house?

best line EVER!!

Loved that review!
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Postby hushpuppy » Fri Feb 16, 2007 3:04 pm

LOl no i didnt type it all i copy and pasted it from the site on the link down the bottom . If it was my typing the spelling would be atrocious
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Postby zeedeveelgirl » Fri Feb 16, 2007 4:27 pm

"P’eta… IS A LESBIAN! \o/ "

This reviewer is classic, I love their writing style, they're just like me because they take the p!ss out of everything and use sarcasm excessively.
I think I'll be reading these "book reports" even if I see the show!!!
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