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need help with lyrics

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need help with lyrics

Postby hazel99 » Wed Nov 14, 2007 5:55 pm

Anyone a fan of The Veronicas? I bought their album the other day, its what i work out to. They're not too bad. I'm usually not a fan of these little poppy/rocky type of music but i don't know, some of their songs are catchy and upbeat and easy to listen to while i just run on the thready.

Anyways thats besides the point. I'm actually trying to win their signed guitar in their next verse competition where i have to re-write their 2nd verse of their song 'hook me up'. Do you guys know it? I am having a little trouble with writing the verse and i was hoping i could get some help or suggestions.

There's more info in their site

any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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Postby help6363 » Wed Nov 14, 2007 8:46 pm

Sorry I cannot help......I don't know the song!

I just wanted to say good-luck with the comp! :D
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Postby JP1 » Wed Nov 14, 2007 10:37 pm ... nicas.html

dunno exactly what your asking there if its the actual lyrics of the second verse see above link

never heard of it either but thanks to the wonders of the technological age and good old google , there ya go! :wink:

and if your asking for help re writing it thats another ball game, lol
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Postby candycane » Thu Nov 15, 2007 10:31 am

lol...i don't really like the veronicas - but now that i've read their lyrics i really don't think they're much good.

Basically look at the first verse:

I'm tired of my life.
I feel so in between.
I'm sick of all my friends, girls can be so mean
I feel like throwin’ out everything I wear
I'm startin’ over new,
Coz I’m not even there.

it's basically about: not fitting in; and possibly the pressures society puts on a young women today - ie. 'im sick of all my friends...mean' so she feels she doesnt fit in physically (ie in a dress or style sense) with other women and they are giving it to her for being different - which leads onto 'i want to throw out all my clothes' which is probably because she dresses differently and wants to conform but feels frustrated...

I wanna get away some place,
But I don't wanna stay too long.
I wanna brand new day,
Try to fit in where I don't belong

So once again the threads of feeling she doesnt belong or fit in with the other women her age. She wants to conform but can't because it isn't being true to her identity...should a round peg fit in a square hole? She wants to be free from pressures.

i don't know how 'hook me up' fits into the rest of the song. Hook her up with what? anyway....

Don't try to make it the same as what they have, read it like a story or a poem. Make sure that it fits in with the rhythm of the music, don't just change the words of the lyric, completely rewrite it into what you think it should be!

So when your re-writing the second verse, you still want to try and be along the same lines (ie subject matter) of the first verse - but i would go along a line of non conformity in other words, conclude from the first verse that it is important to have your own identity - stuff the other girls who feel like they have to belong, whats important is staying true to yourself. That is a much stronger lyric then what they have which is basically repeating the first verse but being angry about it.

Okay i hope that helped...goodluck!
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Postby hazel99 » Fri Nov 16, 2007 4:40 pm

thanks candycane

i am not very creative though

here is their original 2nd verse...

I like the lights turned out
The sound of closing doors
Not like other girls
who always feel so
Of everything they are
Of what they're going to be
Sometimes I'm just
a girl stuck inside
of me
of me

no idea what to do with it..
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Postby hazel99 » Wed Nov 21, 2007 4:31 pm

the competition is too hard.. i came up with this..

Sometimes, Ide like to getaway
even for just a minute
now and then I wish for a brand new day
but maybe I won't fit in it
Hook me up
cool rain on my face
hook me up lets race
to anywhere
or nowhere who decides
hook me up, hook me up

can i please get some feedback?
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Postby hazel99 » Tue Nov 27, 2007 3:38 pm

help6363 wrote:Sorry I cannot help......I don't know the song!

I just wanted to say good-luck with the comp! :D

you can...there is a preview of the song on their website and you cna give me some ideas how to change the lyrics of the 2nd verse...plz.plz.plz.plz.plz!!!!
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