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Stupid Confession Coming Up

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Stupid Confession Coming Up

Postby Roar2Life » Mon Mar 24, 2008 8:15 pm

Ok firstly sorry for posting such a non descriptive title but I really had no idea what to put.

As some of you have probably noticed I tend to float around these boards on occasion and post rarely (probably so much so that half the people reading this don't even know who I am) and I have a confession to make as to why this is. Twice I have stated on this board that I was going to lose blah blah kilos and blah blah body fat and it was going to happen. And whenever I post that it never happens. So now I avoid coming on here because i'm scared people with think i'm a quitter and a loser because it didn't happen. I'm scared people will judge me. Does this sound stupid? Yes (there you go I answered my own question) but I just felt I had to confess this.

Adios amigos.
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Re: Stupid Confession Coming Up

Postby Butterfly_Dawn » Mon Mar 24, 2008 9:54 pm

Nope, doesn't sound stupid at all. It's a common feeling that I see expressed around here. Thing is, we 'know' that society judges us on our weight, and we start taking that on, feeling negative about ourselves then perceiving those thoughts in others - even if they're not there.

If making concrete goals discourages you if you can't meet them, maybe try to be a bit vaguer. Rather than "I will lose X amount of weight by X date" try something like "I will try and increase my exercise and eat less junk". That way you can appreciate the small successes, which is very important in the beginning. Or perhaps make a road map breaking your goals down into ever smaller chunks so that "I will lose X amount of weight" is broken down into small chunks like "this month I will focus on doing just 30min of exercise per day" then adding on the extra goals as you go.

This isn't a failsafe. You can still have 'failures', but we aren't here to judge you (I think perhaps we do enough of that for ourselves). Rather, we're here to support, encourage and help you (even if that sometimes means a few home truths). Besides, relapsing isn't the catastrophe that it's easy to think of it as. If you think of it as a lesson in how to improve your plan, you'll go a long way.

And BTW, I remember who you are :wink:
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Re: Stupid Confession Coming Up

Postby nutzy » Sat Mar 29, 2008 2:31 am

I think that there are so many people that use this forum that hardly anyone can keep up with the other's weight loss or gain unless specifically alerted to it. Also, we are all in the same boat - for a lot of us, our weight goes down then up again and we fall off the wagon countless times - but if we can get up and start again, no matter how many times it takes until we have achieved our goals, then we are winners. It's not so much how we did it, it's that we did it! Don't feel embarrassed coz you'll probably only find support here!!! Good Luck!

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