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Re: Ghosts....?!

Postby Sassygirl » Thu Mar 27, 2008 2:01 pm

My sister was killed when she was 9 years old (I was not born yet). My father worked in a very "manly" organisation back then when men were men and had to do their fair share of cleaning the factories (ie toilets). My father was cleaning the toilets and these workers came in and started in on him for wearing his wife's perfume. Apparently the smell was so overpowering and floral that they couldn't stay in the toilets too long. This went on for nearly 9 months (my mum was by then pregnant with me) and the smell used to follow my Dad around everywhere. When my mum was in labour with me the scent was again so overpowering that some of the nurses found it difficult to be in there and once I crowned - the smell went away. We reakon that it was my sister waiting around until mum and dad were happy again. My eldest sister (who was close to my dec sister) has smelt the scent on all 4 births of her children. I am yet to smell it. But from all accounts there is not scent on this earth that you can compare it to :D

The organisation where I work in located on land owned by the Uniting Church and we have an old priest who runs amok around here. Cold winds that go passed you when there is no doors or windows open, filing cabinets being rattled, dishes being moved, photocopies being operated when no one is there etc.

So I am a believer ....... but am not afraid because if you are scared it makes you more seceptical to "the unknown". I find it interesting really!
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