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Help with Uni Assignment?

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Help with Uni Assignment?

Postby mythril_hawk » Sun Oct 12, 2008 8:39 pm

Ok, for my software development course at Uni I am developing a software program which analyzes image files.

Basically is extracts the hidden core data from image files created by digital cameras and allows the user to find out various hidden information, such as the type of camera that took the picture and the date & time the image was taken... (provided the correct date & time was programmed into the camera which took the photo)...

Basically I was wondering if anybody could upload some photos taken from their digital cameras so I could test my program? So far it has been 100% accurate but the more different types of cameras it can identify the happier I will be, it has a huge database at the moment but you never know if its going to work until you test it!

So yeah, basically if anybody could post some pics here that have been taken by their digital camera I would appreciate it :)

It doesnt matter what is in the photo, it can be of a piece of grass or the ceiling of your house if you like! Just as long as the photos havent been edited or re-sized, as re-sizing and editing can sometimes muck up their properties..

Thanks for any help :)
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