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Happy Birthday Hayley!

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Postby lackofenergy » Thu Sep 14, 2006 2:58 pm

thanks guys, yes dolly , i think i will have to just wait, as I have already asked him out 3 times now, (red), and he hasn;t replied yet about the weekend, but he might be busy, a male friend of min e actuallly said he might be gay, omg, i really hope not, that would be awful, but i just have to keep my fingers crossed, and yes, i hope he doesn't like anyone else either... it might be just wishful thinking that he likes me, because his text didn't indicate one way or the other ... although, he didn't say he thought it was a bad idea. chubby bubby, i know what you mean, if alex doesn;t want to go out with me, i will be a bit uncomfortable when i see him next, but sometimes we have to take a chance in life, he may turn around and say to me one day, i am really glad you had the guts to ask me out, and this guy might say the same to you, maybe hge is worried about asking you out due to his position, but alot of ppl date ppl they work with. so i say just ask him , he might say yes, and i will keep you posted as to what happens with alex and I... if anything at all happens, that is.. knowing my luck, he wil turn out to be gay, or maybe he just doesn't like me, its the first time i have asked a guy out, so I do feel nervous, and a bit unsure, but I wanted to take the risk. what if he doesn't reply about the weekend dolly? :?
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Postby Hayley » Thu Sep 14, 2006 3:39 pm

Wow! This is so interesting guys!!! I hope things work out the way you're hoping.

27 YEARS OLD TODAY - Gosh, how fast time flies!

Thanks again for all the birthday wishes xx
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