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i want to be skinny whats food should i eat

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i want to be skinny whats food should i eat

Postby cinda » Sat May 01, 2010 12:16 am

i want to be skinny can anyone help me i dont know whats foods i should eat
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Re: i want to be skinny whats food should i eat

Postby Freddy » Mon May 03, 2010 12:22 am

Hi Cinda, welcome to the boards.

Let me start off by telling you it's not skinny you want to be, but you want to feel more confident about the way you look.

Here are a few guidelines I try to live by as much as possible, maybe they're helpful :)
* Try replacing your meat as much by chicken as you can, as chicken is much leaner and less fat. Besides that, it has a lot of protein (eggwhite) in it which helps feeding the muscles.
* Try to cut down on sugar as much as possible. You love coffee or tea but can't stand the taste without some sweetness? Try sweetener instead of sugar. Besides that, sweetener is available in liquid form as well, so you can use that in salads for instance or other recipes.
* Eat when you're hungry, not just because you love the taste of it so much. It's important that you don't overfeed your body.
* Stay hydrated. Make sure you drink about 1.5 to 2 liters of water (not tea, not coffee... water!) a day. You can obviously drink a few cups of coffee or tea a day, but the base should be water. Just a heads up: Coffee dehydrates the body, so 8 cups of coffee a day instead of 1 liter of water isn't smart.
* Feeling hungry for a snack? Make sure you have your favorite fruit handy. Eating an apple is always better than eating a bag of potato chips. You and I both know that when you get your hand in the bag of chips, it's hard to stop until it's empty.

Besides changing your eating and drinking pattern for the long term (because you don't want to gain back on that fat when it is finally gone) you might want to take on a sport.

Your body needs muscular stimulation as well as good nutrition, so sports are highly advised. While playing sports endorfins are produced, the same 'stuff' that makes you fell so awesome when having censored. Now I'm not telling you to have censored all the time, that would just be wrong ;) But your body needs the workout, and your brain needs the endorfins. So take on a sport. I've heard that both Zumba and Beatkicking are pretty hot these days and those seem to be a great workout, as well as an awesome fat burner.
Don't have the time to take on a sport? My advice is: Bike commuting. I started bike commuting around 2 years ago and I've been feeling better and better about myself. While I was wearing an XXL jersey when I started, I'm down to an XL now. Besides a great workout and the endorfins that get you all psyched about riding, you will simply get addicted to bike commuting. And while others are in their cars in high traffic, standing still half the time, you get to think about all sorts of stuff, riding your bike through the traffic jams.

So basically, it's not just a what SHOULD I eat story. It's about what you should NOT eat as well. And sports are just as healthy as good food. Remember: More muscular volume means more fat burning.

Hope to have helped you with this :)
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Re: i want to be skinny whats food should i eat

Postby Ed » Fri May 07, 2010 6:40 pm

Great advice Freddy.

It's amazing how many people don't know where to start in losing weight.

I guess because the whole weight loss thing is so overwhelming.

Like starting any big project that at first seems daunting, the best way to get started is to start small and just try to pick one thing at a time.

With weight loss, that could be starting to walk every morning, or even every other morning. Or it could be to start including more chicken in your diet (no skin ladies and gents), or more vegetables.

It could even be as simple as changing a habit like having pizza every Friday night, to having it once a fortnight or once every three weeks.

There are many suggestions in Freddy's list. Maybe Cinda could pick just one or two of these to start with and work her way through the others as she grows in confidence and starts getting some results.

In addition to Freddy's great weight loss tips, you'll also find some in the home grown tips section of this forum and in the weight loss tips section of this website.

Just my two-bobs-worth.

Good luck Cinda, hope some of Freddy's suggestions work for you.

Ed. :D
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Re: i want to be skinny whats food should i eat

Postby kristal » Wed May 12, 2010 3:47 pm

I agree, strive for feeling healthier with a gradual weight loss thrown in there. Learning about good nutrition and what foods are best for you will help you get healthy and "slimmer".
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Re: i want to be skinny whats food should i eat

Postby Downsizeme » Sat May 15, 2010 6:10 pm

Alot of people use calorie king, their downloadable excercise and nutrition manager is certainly excellent to see where you could trim some calories off your day. You enter your weight etc and it calculates how many calories you can have - then you add the foods you eat and it takes them off your daily calorie total. When you only have 1200 calories or so to play with, you soon start eating stuff that will fill you up with low calories.

My average day is: (I used to do Jenny Craig but now do my own thing)

brekky: Carmans fruit free muesli -45g with Physical no fat milk or a tub of dairy farmers light yoghurt

morning snack: a piece of fruit

lunch: ham salad wrap, or meat & salad sandwich or jenny craig lunch & salad (sausage roll or similar)

afternoon snack: piece of fruit

Dinner: jenny craig meal or lean cuisine with stir fried veggies (lots of leafy greens, capsicum, mushrooms, bok choy, carrot, chinese cabbage, zuchinni etc - all free veggies (no potato or pumpkin) or I will have the stir fry with a deck of card size piece of steak or chicken)

evening snack: Yoghurt tub

that's between 1200-1500 calories a day, that allows me to lose weight as I still have so much to lose, but your calories depends on your starting weight etc. Jenny Craig said I should be on 1500 calories a day but I find that amount of food above is fine for me, I never feel hungry. I do have a couple of skinny cappucinos at work in the morning (I make them myself so know what goes in them) and at night before bed I will have a nescafe instant latte and sweetener (I use the latte as a sweet replacement) It is only 58 calories. All up this gives me about my 1500 calories a day. I try to do a little walking every day with my fur babies, and we usually go for an hour long walk on the beach on the weekends, but i don't really do any other excercise apart from an occasional bout on the Wii fit. I certainly don't go to the gym or do any excercise classes - it's just not me. There will probably come a time when I will need to step my excercise up a notch, but I am delaying it as long as possible :lol:
If I feel like something sweet in the day I may have a choc biscuit instead of the fruit snack, but I make sure I only have the equivalent of 100 calories (same as the fruit) and I make it an exception rather than the rule. Everything in moderation!

I have one night a week (Sat normally) pizza night, where I have a homemade pizza. Today I had it for lunch instead. It keeps me sane and I am sure my weight loss would be better without it, but for me it has got to be a diet / life balance or I will get the shiats with it all and give up.

Don't worry about being skinny, just worry about being healthy :D
Changing my life, one ounce at a time.

I started this journey on Feb 2 2010 and though I would like to be a size 5 by June, I am prepared to accept that it might take a bit longer :D

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Re: i want to be skinny whats food should i eat

Postby mishil » Fri Jun 11, 2010 10:51 pm

Hey guys! Greeting everyone. To be skinny, make sure you avoid eating fatty foods. It really contains many active carbohydrates than can cause, of course, being big. You know what I mean. Eat healthy and fresh foods like vegetables, fish, and fruits. Aside from that, exercise daily. Don't escape workouts. No budgets? Well, in my case, I do jagging every morning. Everyday, I work hard to be physically fit. Aerobics and belly dancing is the best workout I ever done in my daily exercises. I done it all by my self. At my home of course! Well, hope you get want you want. Go for it! Be ready for the big change gonna happen to you my friend.
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