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My dairy on Duromine

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My dairy on Duromine

Postby kirstenben » Wed Oct 20, 2010 2:57 pm


Hey everyone, both me and my boyfriend started on Duromine 30 ml today, so far we have both had different effects on it

My current weight and height is 168cm and 74kgs
my goal is be low 60's, to mid 50's depending on the results, up until the past year or so, i have been around 63kgs-65kgs for about 4 years and i wasnt happy with my weight then either and always wanted to be smaller, so thats why im not quite sure how much my goal weight is.. depends how i go and when i think my body looks to the best it can

My boyfriends current weight and height is 188cm and 93kgs, he doesnt have a goal weight what so ever, it could be 2kgs or it could be 10kgs, all in all he has a pretty good body, he works out alot and the only problem area on his body is his tummy

Because of the amount of crap food we eat, but thats changing as of today

He hopes to have his tummy completely gone within the next 2 weeks, and i hope to have lost at least 7kgs!
There will most likely be people thinking 7kgs in 2 weeks is extreme but not really, when i plan to excerise everyday and drink only water and eat only fish and greens

So far both of our experiences on Duromine,

We both got up at 3am and took it, mine took about a hour to kick in for me and it took about 2-3 hours for my boyfriends to kick in
I have experience, all the speed side efforts, such as sore tummy, sore gums, teeth and mouth , sore head, alot of engry.. i feel like i could do anything!! and my mind is on overload it wont stop thinking, i am very moody and grumpy and feel like i will snap (that feeling does come and go) at one stage i was so emotional i even cryed for no reason, my hands have been alittle shaky through the day but not enough to worry about, i also have not been hungry at all and have not eaten at all today (its 3pm) but i will be cooking and having my dinner at 5pm. So it is safe to say, the side efforts are not the best at all and i dont feel great at all, but after reading up alot about how everyone is different and how the people who do get these side efforts tend to lose them after 3-4 days, i am going to stick with it, as losing the weight and being healthy and happy with myself is more important than feeling sick for a couple of days

My boyfriend on the other hand, all he has experienced is being really really thristy!!! he cant stop drinking water and he will drink a big glass and straight after he has finshed it, he is still thristy and wants more!!
He hasnt had any of the sick feelings i have had, and he is not hungry at all.. sometimes he will think about food for a couple of mintures and then forget about it for a few more hours

After reading up on about of forums about duromine and everyones experrience on it, i thought i would make a dairy and try to write on it every day or every secound day, as i have not seen anyone do that so far and i have seen alot of different people with questions about it, so hopefully this will help some people

As for my weigh in's, i will only do them once a week!!!


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Re: My dairy on Duromine

Postby kirstenben » Thu Oct 21, 2010 1:50 pm


I had a horrible sleep lastnight, i tossed and turned like no tomorrow
I was also SOO HOT, i had my fan on next to me on high, my boyfriend who was laying next to me, who is also on duromine 30, was cold!! So i ended up moving to the other end of the bed with the fan so it wouldnt effect him

Today ive got horrible headace, and sore tummy, i am really sweaty and i went and had a shower as i thought it would make me feel better but it didnt i felt worst and had to have the water on cold, as hot made me feel really bad!!!

I have no engry today either, where i had heaps yersterday!!! So i really dont feel like doing any excersise and i really hope the weight shifts abit without doing any excersise

and when i got up this morning without taking another pill, i swear i still felt asif i was on duromine the effects were still there.. i was abit unsure on weather to take another one, but i did anyway

I wouldnt say my effects are worst than yersterday, roughly around the same, i just have some different efforts than my first day

My boyfriend, has the same effects are yersterday just really thristy!!!! The lucky bugger is getting no effects at all

I also googled and did some research today on what happeneds when you lose weight, and where the weight goes.. I wasnt sure if going to the toilet gets rid of it or what, but apperneltly sweating gets rid of it, so that may explain why im so sweaty at the moment

As far as the weight goes, i will stick to what i said and do a weigh in only once a week, so im happyer with results!! Also i said my boyfriend was 93kgs starting weight, turns out his only 90!!!
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