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Not a spam...

Postby rhianna88 » Mon Dec 13, 2010 9:57 pm

Hi everyone,

I am 122 kg female student, i have been struggling with my weight for 4 years. I am at my peak weight and beginning the quest to determinedly loose this weight :) I have made a post last week which provided a link to a survey i am conducting on weight loss and at first (which i now understand, partially due to being new) everyone thought it was a spam. Im here to inform you that its not a spam, im not influencing anyone or redirect them to another website or promote a product etc.. My goal is to create an ebook about many tips and information in ways to loose weight. Creating this ebook will reflect the marketing strategies i have learnt while studying. To help me accomplish this goal i need feedback from people like you on the same path as me in trying to loose weight. If you would like to know my background of why i am on the path of loosing weight i will copy and paste a segment of my previous post if you have not already read this:

im a 22 year old female student studying business at university. I have a twin sister. 3 years ago she was anorexic and then bullemic (don't worry she overcome that disease and is healthy again today as we speak) she was a size aus 6 and very skinny, frail and thin. She over exercised and only ate extremely healthy food (she wasn't total anorexic but her weight was classified as anorexic) being a twin sister it was bad enough i felt compared when she was a straight A student while i was struggling to get a C or B in maths and science...back then in my mind compared to her i thought i was fat and overweight and built up emotional anxiety factors in my head which led me to binge eat, ESPECIALLY during year 12...then the weight just slowly piled on but i still had this thought i was so fat (even though i was a very curvy beautiful woman who can fit into size 10 and 12!) and from then on the stress of a new job, having a car (lack of exercise from transport) studying full time at uni..weight just piled on and on. End of 2006 i was a size 76, for my height and all my BMI was still normal...4 years later i am 122 kg

If you would like to particapate in my survey please click on the following link: So far i have only had 2 people from the forum reply and i only intend on collecting responses from this forum because I definitely plan on coming here a lot in my path to shedding this weight amongst all you motivational people! My aim is to have 30 people respond to the survey. It would be much appreciated if you participated, you will be rewarded with a copy of my ebook i hope to finish in 2 months before uni. If you have any advice or questions feel free to reply to this post, i would love to hear from you :D

Kind regards,

"Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming." John R. Wooden

Starting weight: 123kg
Week 1: 123.8kg (+800g)
Week 2: 122.6kg (-1.2kg)
week 3: 121.3kg (-1.3kg)
Week 4: 121.6kg (+300g)
Goal weight: 70kg
Curent weight: 121.6kg!

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