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I need motivation

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I need motivation

Postby Carley » Thu Feb 10, 2011 6:33 pm

I'm trying to have some motivation on the weight loss game so I do not give up. I've gone 106 kilos to 68 kilos and the weight won't move. I eat fantastic, I'm on a vegan diet (no animal products for those who do not know what a vegan is) so I eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, seeds, nuts etc, my bread is whole grain, everything I use is wholegrain, I rarely use sugar. I exercise every day. Physically I have never felt this great but a huge part of me wishes the number would go below 68 kilos. Any suggestions?
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Re: I need motivation

Postby jessmeow » Thu Feb 10, 2011 7:22 pm

Firstly, congrats on getting to 68! That's awesome work!! :D

Second, plateaus suck! You didn't mention if you stick to a certain amount of calories per day or just 'eat healthy'. If you don't have a set amount of cals you could try working out how much you're consuming each day in cold hard facts. Also, try mixing up your exercise by trying a completely different workout at the gym or get a new work out dvd to use at home that you've never tried. You could also try having your largest (usually dinner) meal at lunchtime and a 'lunch' like meal for dinner. Anything that will make your body go "huh?" :P

The first two suggestions have worked to get me out of a plateau and the meal swapping has worked for a relo of mine in the same position as you (she couldn't get under 69). Usually plateau's are just your body adjusting to your new lifestyle. Sucky ain't it lol. Also try googling about plateau's, theres heaps of useful tips out there to get things rolling again!

I hope you find something I suggested helpful. Good luck! :D

- jessmeow
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