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please help ..

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please help ..

Postby lindtcrazy » Tue Mar 29, 2011 4:47 pm

I hit a serious brick wall when it comes to motivation. I had the commitment, discipline and all the enthusiasm I needed only days ago, and if I can't pin point the problem I will stumble everytime.

If you had of told me on friday I would stumbe I wouldnt have believed it, I had that much enthusiasm that I was going to be healthy and drop kilos.

I do believe PMT plays a part in my moods thus altering and bringing me down, with self doubt and sabotage.

I am eating without even thinking and its like I dont care at the moment.

I had written down all the key elements that were going to trigger me as I am aware of my mood ten days every month..

But it is like someone else stepped in my body over night and nothing matters.

How do people lose weight if they are prone to depression and loathing that strikes with no pre warning.
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Re: please help ..

Postby CronicBadger » Tue Mar 29, 2011 7:32 pm

Hi Lindtcrazy

It's a tough one. I've been through similar, but my ways of dealing with that "bugger it all, I'll do whatever I want" feeling that opens up a binge may not be relevant to you.

Here are a few ideas that might work though. I've used variations of them during the past year and they seem to have helped:

* Remove temptation from the immediate area by tossing out all the biscuits or whatever poor defenceless foods you're attacking on a whim. You can't eat what you can't find.

* As soon as you recognise a growing compulsion to wolf down some food then reach for a big glass of water - perhaps keep a water bottle on hand - and drink lots over the course of a few minutes.

* You might be missing certain nutrients or just bored by bland food. Try something different - perhaps prepare some meals with foreign exotic spices, or unusual tastes.

* Look at your bingeing in a harsh, cold light - remind yourself that it is killing you, slowly but surely. Cancer, heart disease, fatty liver, diabetes, tiredness, poor self-esteem - the list of wrongness goes on. Don't do it. Stop eating rubbish now and get back on the wagon to a fit and healthy life.

* Success breeds success. Set yourself a small goal, such as no food attacks in the morning. Feel the thrill of success come midday. Continue that wonderful feeling by continuing the success of controlling your food-related impulses.

* Pretend that you don't really have a choice to binge or not. "No choice" means "no binge". Try it.

* Over the longer term try yo build up some good eating habits that get so ingrained that your food cravings crash against them like waves against a breakwater wall.

Some articles to read: ... viour.html ... -tips.html ... itude.html
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Re: please help ..

Postby lindtcrazy » Wed Mar 30, 2011 2:00 pm

Thankyou for your insightful and much helpful response, I sure appreciate this, I will print it so I can keep going to it, when all goes haywire, which happens.

I think half the problem is I need to be realistic and not kid myself that I am a super perfectionist, but to quickly get back on track, my problem lays there, that I think well I've had this turkish delight so everthing is ruined might as well keep going with bad eating.

Your post is very helpful.
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Re: please help ..

Postby Lighterfasterfocused » Fri Sep 09, 2011 9:21 pm

Hi Lindtcrazy,

Cronic badger has some great points. if your having trouble with drinking heaps of water try using a straw. it stops you gulping too much and getting the air in your stomach. chromium plays a big part when your snacking an imbalance can cause sugar highs and lows.

Maybe put some reminders around the house about what your goal is!

and have pre-prepared salads or healthy snacks around and reach for them first...

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Re: please help ..

Postby Wockets » Tue Sep 27, 2011 12:08 pm

I feel your pain :( I am the same, One day Im 100% ready and eager and then a few days later IM OVER IT! Over all the effort as if it never existed in the first place. I have a history of depression and lately I have been realising that when I am having a downer moment, I reach for the quick fix chocolate because I KNOW IT TASTES GOOD and it makes me feel soooo gooooood and NOONE CAN TAKE IT AWAY FROM ME.... As I do it, I know that the outcome will add on to the outlook on my body and feeling insecure and down about the weight but at the very second nothing else matters but that feeling Im going to get from the naughty sweets. Its a vicious circle!!!! Every morning I take all my money out of my wallet, my bank cards (ANYTHING THAT I CAN BUY THINGS WITH) leave it at home, pack a healthy lunch for work and pray that NOONE from works brings any treats or offers me anything edible. That's how I get through my day without treats. Nights a different story coz I am at home with my money!!!! Atm I am trying the old everytime I crave, I do five laps of the stairs and down 2 glasses of water. I give up easy but at least I am not turning to those lovely treats I crave! All the best my dear and hope you find a way to battle the naughties!
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Re: please help ..

Postby byebyefat » Tue Sep 27, 2011 4:28 pm

Yea I am similar however today at work, looking into the fridge wanting a chocolate or a pack of crisps I needed something to motivate me so this old trick is currently working.
Whatever junk food you are craving, look at it and then in your mind you use your imagination and picture the very worst thing in the world inside your craved food. For me the worst thing in the world is a roach, so I am pretending there are roaches inside my food and that if I eat it I will feel the gross crunch sound followed by the the bug juice.
Sounds gross, it is gross and I tell you what today I didn't eat the censored food displayed in front of me at work.
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