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hi there :) ....just checking in....

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hi there :) ....just checking in....

Postby garn » Thu Nov 08, 2012 10:05 pm

hi everyone,
Just thought i would drop in to say helloooo,
Eveything is going on track right now...will power has re-installed itself...i put my scales away as i was trying to weight myself every other second and driving myself insane.... Looking at heading down to do some adventure caving mid next year so need to drop the curves..dont want to be 'the person who got stuck!!!...looking at hitting the snow santa clause suit for me thanks....I know the things i need to watch out for....alcohol, the great willpower undoer and the overconfident 'ive been good for 4 weeks i can take a week off' undoer....Life is pretty good and i feel happier with myself that i have for a long time. I think i have missed a lot of fun things by using the ' im scared of heights' or 'i dont want to do that' lines when in reality my subconcious was saying....too fat, wont fit in the seat, people will stare and laugh because your big and awkward. I know most of us here struggle to make sense of how we got to 'this' point where we look or dont want to look in the mirror or see a photo and go the heck did that happen....i dont feel that big... anyway if your reading this, then i guess you are on the path to a better life too :) I know now that putting myself last hasn't done me or my family any favours and part of this post is so i can come back to it when i am struggling (i know there will be those days) and use it as a motivation tool. (also waiting for the washing to finish so i can hang it out)

I wish everyone the best and I hope you happiness finds you everyday.
always ready for a chat if you want to drop me a line, we can compare notes and give eachother the prod along when things get hard.. oh..the dog is whining at the back door so i guess that is my cue!!!!
Hope you have a great day.
Anita :lol:

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