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Christmas Time!

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Christmas Time!

Postby kate_turner2000 » Tue Dec 12, 2006 6:14 pm

Hi everyone :) just wondering what you are all up to for christmas this year? we are spending xmas morning with micks family and the afternoon at my mum and stepdads place. This year heidi will be more active (last year she was just 2 weeks old so she had no idea!) plus we will have lots of yummy foods and i have my sister and her hubby coming down from brisbane with my niece who is 16 and my nephew who is 20. they have never seen heidi before so it should be good. they get down here on the 20th december :) this is my favourite time of the year!!
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Postby hushpuppy » Tue Dec 12, 2006 6:25 pm

HI ya Kate . This year xams is at my house every year we alternate between my and my older brother . Having a small xmas lunch and a bigger dinner as DD has to spend xmas eve and half xmas day with her Dad this year . My younger brother is flying in from melbourne Xmas day although mum thinks he is coming a couple of days after so it will suprise her but we gotta think of an excuse to go pick him up from the airport . DD will be back for dinner with all of us
Cheers Jules
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Postby corolla_chick » Tue Dec 12, 2006 7:23 pm

my partner and i wake up at our house, then we go to our parents houses to open our santa presents!

i have 2 xmas lunches to try and fit in - my partners family and my dads side of the family

then its off to my parents house for my mum's side of the family + extras for tea!! we stay there and eat and drink until really late!!

xmas eve my mum, brother and i go looking at christmas lights and as soon as it turns midnight mum has to give us a present!!

i hope everyone has a happy and safe holidays and i hope santa gets you what you want :wink:
beck :D

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Postby Ally » Wed Dec 13, 2006 10:06 am

We are spending Christmas/Boxing Day at my mum and brothers new place!! (They move in this weekend) We will be sleeping there overnight. My sister and her family will be there as well as my brother who is coming up from Brisbane. We have quite an active Christmas....Cricket, softball, swimming, walking tracks on the farm (460acres of it), so there won't be a lot of time for eating (Yah!!!).

We have learnt to spend each day that we have with mum as we don;t know if this will be her last Christmas or not, so we are determined to make it extra special as we don't know what awaits us in the New Year!!

They are predicting record temp for Rocky (41*) so there will have to be plenty of suncream and light long sleeve clothing!!! I can't wait though it is going to be a blast!!!
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Postby masm » Wed Dec 13, 2006 1:38 pm

Christmas Eve Day - we are having my family over to our house.

Christmas Day - its just DP and me in the morning and then he picks up his kids in the arvo and they stay over night so we are having a traditional Xmas dinner

Boxing Day - DP and I are booked into a hotel for the night :D
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Postby ossabelli » Wed Dec 13, 2006 10:57 pm

Well, I work lots and lots of hours during the Christmas season, seeing as I'm home from school and all. But on Chrsitmas Eve, my family and I always go to the evening church service, then out to dinner with some of my aunts and uncles. Then on Christmas day we open presents in the morning, then usually have a few people over for dinner, and the normal catching everyone up on everyone's lives and such.
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Postby SarahC » Thu Dec 14, 2006 7:28 am

Same as usual. I'll head over to my parents' place (about 50mins to an hour - the "other side" of Melbourne lol) on Sat 23rd and spend Christmas Eve helping my mum out... and trying to not let her get toooo stressed (she's like me times 10!). Christmas day and the grandparents come over for lunch. We eat so much we almost pop open as there is sooooo much food! Generally I am unable to move for the remainder of the evening :shock:

Aiming to head back home on Boxing day at some stage and be back at work on the 27th. Strategy involved there - to keep myself away from the leftovers. Plum pudding and rum balls usually the biggest problem :oops: Not much damage can be done sitting at my desk... but I'd rather spend the time with my family :?

Going to be a bit horrible this year with my grandpa and my little cat not being there :cry: :cry:

I've got an extreeemely cute picture of my cat on my computer here (we usually decorate her at the same time as the Christmas tree :lol: )... can't access it though. And my email's buggered. Right.. I'm off to kick some IT butt - make them work for their money :x
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Postby yummymummy » Sat Dec 16, 2006 11:38 am

I love chrismas day!! On chrismas eve its just hubby kids and I having a nice little evening together we usually do something special. On chrissy morning we will head to the beach for a swim, quick trip to church to remember what its all about and off to my sisters to eat drink and be jolly all day. We will be staying the night there then we will roll our selves home in the morning

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Postby Jisgone » Sat Dec 16, 2006 12:14 pm

Christmas is so busy for me, but luckily this year i have it off work. Every year is the same, christmas eve we go to my grandmas house with all the extended family, we go to church then eat christmas dinner and open presents at midnight. We get home really late then sleep in! Christmas morning i go to my best friends house and have breakfast with her family, it involves lots of champagne(her mums scottish, need i say more :p) sausages and bacon on the bbq aswell as scrambled eggs and all the other trimmings u can think of. We open presents and dance to christmas music and be merry :)
Christmas lunch is the traditional do at my parents, just my family and both my grandmas we have turkey and pork and all the vegies and stuff and completely pig out. the afternoon is normally spent playing table tennis or something with my brothers and sometimes having a couple of drinks!
Christmas night we have the seafood and cold ham with slads and stuff, and for desert its trifle and plum pudding with custard. When im able to roll out of the dining room i normally go to my best friends brother house who throws a christmas party. This year my bf will be included in it somehow, unsure of how yet :P and boxing day we normally go to the beach jet skiing and getting suburnt :)
The rest of the week is preperation for new years eve!
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Postby KimE » Sat Dec 16, 2006 5:37 pm

Frank and I get up and open presents. This year we are having a champagne breakfast to get the day going right. Going to keep breaky light with fresh fruit, dried fruit and nuts. Later will have Xmas lunch around 2-3pm and most years we have a close friend drop in but not sure what he's doing this year. All of our family is overseas so after dinner the phone calls start to England and NZ. Then we pick over the leftovers till stuffed.
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Postby Butterfly_Dawn » Sun Dec 17, 2006 8:29 pm

we are heading to Melb to see the extended family (both sides) and so the bloke can meet his to-be-inlaws. Lets hope he doesn't call off the wedding :? :lol:
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Postby slimmindown » Mon Dec 18, 2006 2:34 am

I normally work over xmas and fit a rushed 2 hr trip to the country in there somewhere to see the rel's. But this year have xmas eve ,day and boxing day off 8)

So will go up home xmas eve and spend the day with family by the pool ,eating drinking and being merry. We dont have to move around from the one place so its just a case of settling in and enjoying the ride.

I'm looking forward to having a few drinks with family and great friends, and then recovering boxing day before returning to work the next day, cant wait :D

xmas is my favourite time of year, lots of xmas lights ,carols by candlelight and great feel good movies , I watched the new"deck the halls" the other night, what a hoot :D
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Postby kate_turner2000 » Wed Dec 20, 2006 4:12 pm

4 days 6 hours 10 minutes 15 seconds
left until Christmas
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Postby Ally » Wed Dec 20, 2006 9:13 pm

Thanks Kate that just serves to remind me that I only have 3 days 6hours to do ALL my Christmas present shopping and food shopping for the big day!!! Blahhh!! Thanks to be so sick it has cut 6 days out of my shopping time!!! AArrrgghhh!!!!
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Postby lackofenergy » Fri Dec 22, 2006 2:33 pm

this christmas will be quite my sister and her husband and son are going away i saw them last night.. i am spending christmas day with my parents and my dauigher and my grandparents. i have been working hard lately, i just got a new job in oct. and i only get public holidays off. so i have a lot of shopping still to do, and i have ot makea pudding too!!!!! anyway, will get there. i am still single, but I am learning to be happy on my own, the right man will come along when i am ready and when teh time is right. that is what i keep telling myself.

merry christmas everyone
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