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yo yo no no !!!!

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yo yo no no !!!!

Postby tinkerbella » Sat May 24, 2014 11:45 am

Im wondering with a lot of us being yo yo dieters do you think we have a too low weight lose goal,
as I have said before I love the number 78 for my height and build,being 178cms and not a small framed gal.

Do you think we could control our weight better if maybe we had a higher weight lose goal,or will that just in turn make the point of yo yo a little highter...

My husband that has never ever had any trouble with his weight always says too me I go too low,and says why don't you just stay at 82 and be happy there,he doesn't have an understanding of how hard it is too stay at any number ....

I don't belive I would even be able too stay at 82 in my mind set and don't know how too change the way of thinking
to have this happen one day,

How do you stop being a yo yo yo,

I myself don't think I could control any number and belive this is going too be me for the rest of my life,but being a lighter weight sure will see me enjoy a longer life with a healthy out look....
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Re: yo yo no no !!!!

Postby Blitz » Sun May 25, 2014 6:19 am

I've never been a yo yo dieter. I'm a one trick pony. Always said to myself that if I was going to lose weight that I wasn't going to play around with it. I either did it wholeheartedly or not at all.

I have found a lot of people here set their goals not low enough. It is like they can't bring themselves to believe that they can go the whole way so they only openly declare some of the way. While it is nice to break under a number like 100kg if your healthy weight should be 70kg then that should be the goal. In the end losing 20kg is the same as losing 50kg...the only difference is the time it takes.

When you get to the low end many of those closest to you will urge you to stop before goal. The number (in height/weight charts) is the true indicator in most cases not what family and friends say. People don't see empirically (in layman terms - they don't see straight). They are used to seeing your face fatter so the skinny face looks "wrong" to their brain. The reverse is true when you were fatter. The brain makes you look "more normal" to them. After I had lost weight my wife was looking back at some old photos of me. What startled her was just how fat I looked in them. Our brains had "reduced" me in those photos so that even though we both knew I was overweight...we couldn't see the whole picture.

Also remember that weight loss is essentially a stress process to get your body to surrender the fat reserves. You face especially towards the end of the journey will reflect that stress. In maintenance stage you and your body became more stable and moderate - this is then reflected in your body. While you will remain the same weight...that weight will shift around. For me that meant being fuller in the face, getting a butt back and getting skinnier arms and fingers.

The only time the height/weight charts can be out of kilter is if you have lost a lot of weight. These charts are normal people height/weight ratios and don't factor in how much loose skin can weigh. That is why my goal weight ended up too low for me. I had a lot of loose skin (about 5 kilos worth by my reckoning!) and hadn't even thought to factor that in. Most people needn't worry about that sort of thing...remember I lost more than half of me.

Was: 153.7kg
Lost: 87kg
Now: keeping it off for life!
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