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Thanks Doc

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Thanks Doc

Postby Blitz » Thu Jun 05, 2014 7:15 am

The frontman and voice of The Angels Doc Neeson is now no longer with us. :cry:

The music of The Angels can fairly be described as the major soundtrack to my weight loss. Their Greatest hits was constantly playing on my ipod as I went on my evening walks or jogs. Many times I didn't feel the least bit like walking or jogging but dragged my sorry butt to the front of my house, put on the earpieces of my ipod and cranked up the volume to an Angel's song. The driving beat would kick in and my legs would start to twitch and soon I was off!

I first saw the Angels perform live on the 14th November 1978 at the Perth Entertainment Centre. They were the support act for David Bowie. Being a support act for anyone is a thankless task and particularly with one eyed Bowie supporters - but they won many fans that night with their wonderful performance. Set up in front of the curtain with minimal lighting effects...special lighting effects consisted of a hand held spotlight and a white sheet, they powered their way through and won the day. The review the next day described them as "a young Mick Jagger backed by T-Rex...on uppers!" I was afraid that Bowie wasn't going to match them (needless to say he more than held his own - in the best concert ever)!

As I pounded the pavements each night The Angels songs became part of my mantras to success.
The Dogs are Talking...talked about my dog tired feet.
Take a Long Line...that was a declaration of not giving up. Doc's line "this is it folks - over the top" was always in his mind the point of his concerts were he wasn't going to hold back...the concert was kicked up another prisoners! Many is the time when I would be running flat out, often up a hill...just ready to give up when the words "this is it folks - over the top" would spur me on to greater heights!
Shadow Boxer...just keep on going at it.
Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again?...sometimes it felt I was dying out there - this seemed like the question to ask!
Eat City...what else is there to say? A song about being overweight and weight loss. In the linear notes of the CD Doc is going on about the song and then he just writes..."let's face it - it's a song about lard ar*ses!" Plain speaking or what?! :shock: This song is about the struggle and talked to me about getting real with myself.

I took my brother to his first concert. I took him to see The Angels. The week before I had seen AC/DC and was mightily impressed when Angus surrounded by bouncers and on the shoulders of a bouncer made his way through the crowd in front of the stage. We were seated in the cheap seats at the back of the Perth Entertainment Centre for the Angels concert. Doc Neeson ALONE travelled from the front stage to nearly the back row of the venue. The crowd would start to surge forward to grab him but his energy, sweat and stage presents caused the crowd to back off! I couldn't ask for a better first concert to get my brother started!

Doc was a flawed man. A car accident left him with back pain which he managed with pain killers and that took a toll on the man and those around him. But let us remember the legacy. That of his performance and music where he gave great pleasure.
Personally, however he gave more. His music was the beat to which I pounded my way back to healthiness. For that I'll ever be grateful.

Thanks Doc..."this is it folks - over the top!" 8)

Was: 153.7kg
Lost: 87kg
Now: keeping it off for life!
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