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Happy New Year...Make It So!

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Happy New Year...Make It So!

Postby Blitz » Sat Dec 31, 2016 11:02 pm

Wishing a Happy New Year to all here at the Forum (and that includes all you lurkers :wink: ). :D

A few years back I was listening to a guy at a pulpit who was berating the practice of making new year's resolutions.
He said that basically it was a waste of time because no one keeps them. :roll:
It was all I could do to bite my lip rather than take him to task then and there! :shock:
Some people DO KEEP THEM! :P

I know - because I'm one of those people!
On New Year's Day 2011the journey of weight loss started for me.
It continued until I reached goal exactly 60 weeks later.
And now continues in the maintenance stage for the rest of my days.

My example shows that it can be done.
I challenge you who read this to do like wise...
And make it a really good and happy new year for yourself and those you love. 8)

Was: 153.7kg
Lost: 87kg
Now: keeping it off for life!
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