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Postby Groovychic » Mon Jan 22, 2007 8:31 am

Well Lolly, I am so glad you have sorted things out and have made the decision in your mind that you have the better package right there with you. Sometimes we need a rude awakening as to the fact that we have a great life after all. You always think that it would be better to be with the father of your child/children but its not always the case. I think I turned out a lot better person because of the man who bought me up. He wasnt my biological father but he was my dad. And mum was a much happier person, which in turn made us happier. You are very lucky to have a relationship where you can be honest with each other. I think many relationships arent that honest. Good on you mate.

Keep Smiling!!!
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Postby lackofenergy » Fri Jan 26, 2007 8:02 pm

You are lucky you have such a great relationship, i would give anything to meet the right man, I too have a child from a previous relationship, and despite having dated alot (with not much success), i am still single.. but i have decided notn to act desperate, and to just enjoy my life, i have so many things in my life, and this IS the year to lose wieght too, yes, i would give anything to have someone to share my life with, i believe i have alot of love to give, i just have to hope the right man will come along.. when the time is right.

I am learning to be happy with myself, the way I am. I have much to be grateful for., :lol:
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