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what annoys you about your partner?

Talk about anything and everything, whether it's related to weight loss or not.

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Postby Mandie » Sun Oct 21, 2007 11:03 am

LOL.. I know!

At the moment, I'm well into the honeymoon phase of my relationship (almost 11 months now).. and I'm struggling to find something that annoys me about him!

Umm.. I hate the fact that he's currently working 6am-5.30pm weekdays and 6am-2pm Saturdays and he's always exhausted... it sucks! But I appreciate he has to do it and I like that he has enough money so we can go out (because I don't earn much!) lol.. hmm
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Postby kate_turner2000 » Sun Oct 21, 2007 11:07 am

11 months! wow that has gone really fast mandie!! congrats
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Postby tanya » Sun Oct 21, 2007 11:26 am

Im a snorer :oops: lol

I cant really think of anything. We have been together for 7 years so you just get used to everything. He always has to be right tho. lol

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Postby yummymummy » Sun Oct 21, 2007 8:44 pm

apparently Im really annoying too, who knew! my hubby was recently telling me how annoying it is that I get the musuli out and eat all the fruit and nuts out of it straight from the box until all that is left is the oats, I dont get why he hates this ?? hee hee , but i cant help it its yummier that way :D

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Postby Jisgone » Sun Oct 21, 2007 11:18 pm

haha so many things annoy me about my bf
he is a neat freak! no one is allowed to wear shoes in the house, or even to the front door! we have a serpate path to the shoe removal area, then a mat to wipe our feet on, then another mat at the door!
he tells me off for not putting my work clothes away even tho i am wearing them again in 12 hours
he constantly washes my white clothes with his black clothes and makes them grey (grrr :evil: )
he INSISTS on cleaning the house before we go anywhere, he says he likes coming home to a clean house, but it drives me up the wall when we are due at the airport in an hour and he is talking about cleaning down shower screens!!!
he uses a huge bin bag in the kitchen bin, then when the kitchen bin is full he puts the bag in the hallway and for the next 3 days he fills the rest of the bag up with newspapers and stuff
he takes my phone off charge to put his on making myself think i need to move out haha
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Postby Fireball » Tue Oct 23, 2007 5:38 am

Hey Jody

My husband used to snore like a chain saw. The kids used to complain he kept them awake and they slept the other end of the house! I frequently slept on the lounge as the noise drove me nuts. My husband complained that I snore too but the kids said he was exaggerating, that I breath deeply but not snore. (I've asked a few others I worked with and they said the same). Well anyway, after 25+ years, I bought some Snore-Eze (herbal spray) from the chemist and it worked!!! Within a few weeks he no longer snores. He used it for a couple of months and hasnt since. Now the irony is that I tried the spray but he saids it doesnt work for me and complains that I still snore. :lol:

As for the toliet rolls - I got sick of this so I started drawing faces on the toilet roll and writing messages on it like, " Why am I here? Some lazy sod didnt put me in the bin, that's why." I left them sitting on the cistern or toilet lid so could not be missed. For some reason suddenly the toilet rolls found their way into the bin.

We work together in our business so have good reason to strangle each other. Surprisingly it has worked out quite well. We generally know what each other is thinking from just a glance so gets us through tricky situations.

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Postby Sas » Tue Oct 23, 2007 10:22 am

ooo this is a great topic!

My hubby drives me nuts with leaving beer bottles next to our recycling box and not putting them in the box. Also, he leaves bottle tops around the place.

He gets pretty lazy around the unit too... we go through stages where I get cranky at him for doing nothing so he helps out heaps then it starts to dwindle again and then I basically end up doing most things. So I get mad again and the whole cycle starts again.

His mother didn't train him very well at all!
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Postby oostevens » Tue Oct 23, 2007 11:55 am

ha ha ha what a great place to talk about annoyances of the PARTNER kind.

I have been married now for 1yr 6months and 1day ha ha.

What annoys me about my hubby:

- he leaves empty toilet rolls on the sink or top of toilet but never puts them in the bin right next to the toilet.
- he doesn't always rinse dishes properly.
- he never stacks dirty dishes just keeps putting them on the bench until all the bench is used up.
- he leaves dishes sometimes in the sink!!!!
- he doesn't wipe down the bench, and always makes a mess.
- he gets angry at lil things he he that annoys me lol

wow so far its all kitchen stuff ha ha ha

ummmmmmmm i cant think of much more atm....

- he forgets that romance and gifts dont have to cost money and i prefer if they dont
- he wears the same 3 shirts!

hehe just petty things really :) but i love him to bits!

It becomes real love when you choose to love even when the person annoys you :)


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Postby Chelle » Tue Oct 23, 2007 2:10 pm

when it get's towards summer my hubby kicks his socks off in bed in his sleep on my side mind you, So everytime I hopp into bed there is always a pair of sock waiting for me to throw them back in his face when he is asleep :lol: Although when it is time to change the sheets there is always odd socks at the end of the bed.
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what annoys you about your partner

Postby maree48 » Tue Oct 23, 2007 5:45 pm

My God, I laughed when I read this. One thinks, where does one start.

** walking into house with dirty shoes on sometimes. Usually takes them off, but if he thinks you're not there, sneaks in.

** splashing water all over the vanity and mirror, destroys it in one go!

** leaving the milk out after he uses it at breakfast and the banana skin on the bench and the tea bag on the sink and and and


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Postby Bread-Monster » Wed Oct 24, 2007 9:16 am

He's often impunctual, cocky and thinks he know it all. He also likes to argue with me about mechanics eventhough he hasn't even finished high school. I still love him nonetheless :roll:
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Postby BusyMum » Fri Oct 26, 2007 10:11 am

haha :D I love this thread!!

Dont even have to think of anything myself cos most of you have already mentioned them;

*He does take the empty toilet roll off and replace it. BUT he puts it on the wrong way.
*He ALWAYS puts dishes and rubbish like tea bags, etc in the sink!! The dishwasher and bin are there for a reason!!
*He always whinges about how many clothes I have. But one day I counted his shirts. Got up to 86 and I stopped counting. Yet he still whinges about mine!
*He "helps" me hang the clothes on the line- By passing me pegs :evil: Thats NOT helping.
*I feel like I am ALWAYS repeating myself. He is deaf in one ear, so I guess he cant help it. But drives me nuts! Especially since I only have a little voice and I feel like I have to yell all the time.
*He has an awful memory! I can tell him where something is 500 times. And he will still ask me the next time he is looking for it.
*Whats good for him, isnt good for me. Last night for example, DD was sitting about 5 metres from me pulling wipes out of the box. When I noticed, I growled and told her to pick them up and put them back and he says "Well why did you let her do that!". Not even 5 mins later, she climbs up the bookshelf, RIGHT BEHIND HIM, to grab pens out of a box (which she isnt allowed). When he noticed, he told her to get down and give th pens back. So smart a$$ me, says "Well why did you let her do that!". Wasnt I in trouble then!!

Apparently my hair falling out everywhere is a pet hate of his too. And I whinge too much. But is it any wonder I whinge when this is just a small amount of the annoying things he does!?

Anyway. I think I have whinged enough now lol.
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Postby electrongirl » Fri Oct 26, 2007 10:31 am

*I feel like I am ALWAYS repeating myself. He is deaf in one ear, so I guess he cant help it. But drives me nuts! Especially since I only have a little voice and I feel like I have to yell all the time.
*He has an awful memory! I can tell him where something is 500 times. And he will still ask me the next time he is looking for it.

OMG!! thats my husband too!!

And the hair thing aswell, my hair is really long so when a few fall out it does look like alot of hair and he is always complaining about it!!
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Postby kate_turner2000 » Fri Oct 26, 2007 10:38 am

oh yeah! mick is always complaining about the hair thing. its embarrassing when he brings it up in front of his family though. :oops: :shock:

oh and it annoys me when he is looking for something and will come and say 'i cant find such a such' 'did you look?' 'yes' 'if i find it mister you are in big trouble' *gets up goes and looks in pantry passes it to him* 'it was right at the front! how could you miss it!'
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