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Things you want to do before you die...

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Things you want to do before you die...

Postby Roar2Life » Sat Jun 30, 2007 5:32 pm

OK. Now i'm not trying to be morbid or anything but when your time comes it comes. So what do you wanna have done before then?

Here's some of my list:
-become a certified scuba diver
-white water rafting
-drive a subaru wrx
-ski in a foreign country
-go to the olympics and winter olympics
-go to the male and female world cups (soccer)
-ride on a jetover boat
-go in one of those zorb balls
-operate a jetski
-go to Phillip Island and see the MotoGP
-see the All Blacks and Manchester United play
-go to Disneyland
-fly first class
-see a panda bear

And some of the country's I want to visit (in order of how much I want to see them. From most to not as much):
-New Zealand

So ladies (and guys), let's share our lists. :D
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Postby Playboy_bunny » Sat Jun 30, 2007 6:33 pm

hmmm great question :D
uum I want to-
meet the man of my dreams, and get married :D
Have more kids & bring them up to be happy and healthy people
reach my goal weight and manitain it, (no more yo yoing!)
look in the mirror and love who I see
get my full drivers licence
Learn to ride a horse
Go to church
Own my own home
i would love to travel to Africa, Egypt, Japan...
go back to study and learn some new skills
I suppose Im pretty easy to please...I dont really want much! :D just a normal, happy life with my family and friends :)
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Postby milkyway » Sat Jun 30, 2007 6:41 pm

I wan to...

Become fluent in at least one other language
Finish my post grad studies
Become a mummy
Own my own home
Run a very successful business
Be in a very good place physically, mentally and emotionally
See more of the world
Publish a novel (or two...)
Just keep moving! And don't be lazy...
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Postby A_Corner_Of_The_Earth » Sat Jun 30, 2007 7:07 pm

Hmm there are so many things I want to achieve before my time is up. This is the first and foremost:

I'd like to get rid of my fear of heights. I want to tackle this by doing a bridge climb or rock climbing or bungee jumping.

Other things on my to do list include:
- Climb the corporate ladder (and not turn down promotions for the sake of someone else, never again!)
- finding love (again)
- being able to be happy with my body, mind and spirit
- run a marathon or half marathon
- take a year off to travel the world
- Buy a yacht or catamaran so I can go sailing whenever I want (or fall in love with someone who also loves to sail and who already has a yacht :D )
- Go on the QEII

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