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Postby *KaTe* » Mon Oct 01, 2007 6:33 pm

Grrrrrrrrrrr! That is so annoying! I wouldve been pi%^$ed off if that had happened to me! And what makes it more difficult etc is the fact its your friend!

Good on ya for having a laugh! Its easy to get caught up in things, but we end up making ourselves feel worse while the other person probably arent even thinking twice about it!

I'd keep a distance from my mate if they did that to me, I cant be bothered with people treating me in a way in which I would never treat them!

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Postby bear » Wed Oct 17, 2007 12:15 pm

OMG the saga continues!!

I got my order form back and noted a few mistakes that I needed to fix, so instead of going to the girl I went straight to the company. Excellent - got it fixed up so I asked how much I owe as I expected it to be the same - it wasn't :shock: Long story short the girl promised me $20 gift voucher and had it on my order form, but hadn't authorised it! The company said I needed to talk to the consultant, which I didn't want to as I have found her INCOMPENENT!!! So I rang and asked her about the missing $20 voucher and you know what she said..... " I thought you did really well on your sales so I decided you didn't need my voucher" Right then I felt like I wanted to headbutt her- lucky we were on the phone!! :lol: I told her to authorise it and she she it would come out of her commission ($100, I was told by a friend the voucher would have only cost her $8 ) So I persisted her to authorise it!! Fingers crossed she does!!

She also was annoyed at me, that I went straight to the company to fix up the mistakes instead of going to her, I bit my lip as I was dying to say The reason I did that was because YOUR HOPELESS!! :roll:

Anyway if she screws me over again - I'm reporting her!! Friend or no friend!! Am I being too harsh?? :?
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Postby kate_turner2000 » Wed Oct 17, 2007 12:22 pm

well personally to me i wouldnt want a friend that screws me over like that. i would have done the same thing as you did.
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Postby Chelle » Wed Oct 17, 2007 2:22 pm

What an idiot, she's not much of a friend. I think you should go with a different consultnt at least she might do her job propely..
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Postby bear » Wed Oct 17, 2007 7:30 pm

Thanks Kate and Chelle!!

For a minute I thought I was being too harsh!! :shock:

I have to go to a UCW party tom nite to a friend who went to mine!! ( With the same stupid girl) I was thinking about giving my friend a bottle of wine as I don't want to help the girl get commission. Am I being a mean B$#ch??

I'll see!! if she doesn't authorise the gift voucher then it's all fair in love and war ( if that's how the saying goes!!) It will be on!! :twisted: Just so cranky about it!! If she didn't want to give me the voucher when why put it on the order form?? Just another broken promise!! :cry:

Not letting her have the power of me of getting upset!! :D
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