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Postby yummymummy » Fri Oct 05, 2007 12:49 pm

Hubby and I have decided to go on a overseas holiday in about 3 years time we are planning a pretty big holiday and were thinking about getting an around the world ticket so we can see quite a few different places, newyork, disneyland, japan, and many places in europe are on the wish list so far, but we probably only will have about 6/8 weeks to do it in, so we have to probably cut the list back :( Where have you traveled to? did you take your kids(if you have them)? where were your favourite places??

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Postby sassi » Fri Oct 05, 2007 1:09 pm

this is like one of my favourite topics!! hehe.

have you looked into the round the world tickets? you can have different levels (for want of a better term) - so depending on how many miles you cover & regions you visit, the price changes.

i think you could definitely do a very decent trip in 6-8 weeks.

that said, when my bf & i were planning our trip (we go in just over a week...yipppeeee!) earlier this year we started off wanting to see everything & go everywhere, but now we've cut it back to europe with stopovers in asia there & on the way back (but only for a couple of nights) because we only have 5 weeks - and the cost of accommodation is a complete killer (in europe)

anyway, i don't have kids but i did travel with my parents when i was little and the US was very child-friendly, and we went to japan, taiwan & HK as well and that was fine as well (although not as easy at the US).

my favourite places are:

new york

but i've liked pretty much everywhere i've travelled to, to be honest. i just love seeing new places.

sorry for writing so much!
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Postby yummymummy » Fri Oct 05, 2007 1:43 pm

thanks for writing so much!!!
Im so exited about actually having a real holiday I want to do everything, I have a friend in Berlin at the mo and her pics look amazing! thats another one to add to the list :D

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Postby sassi » Fri Oct 05, 2007 1:45 pm

berlin had always fascinated me & it was such a rush to actually go there. the friend i travelled with far preferred munich but there's just something about berlin imo!

if you can take your kids with you, i think that'd be amazing - i'm so glad my parents took me, it gave me the most amazing experiences & i'll always be grateful to them for introducing me to travel from such an early age. it certainly gave me the travel bug!

it's hard to restrict yourself to fewer places - but at least you have time to really investigate etc. it'll be great!
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Postby Chelle » Fri Oct 05, 2007 2:00 pm

I've only been to Hong Kong & China this year didnt take my kids or hubby either went over with my mum & 16 other ladies for a birthday gathering I tagged along because it's a place that warren would never go visit. I found that Honker's most people over there spoke english were very friendly very easy to get around but most part's of hong kong was very dirty but the train station & train was immaculate very clean & saftey contient's. Every night there would be people cleaning & scrubbing everything I guess it was from that scares disease that they had there years ago. Most of the toilet's were like our toilet's some were the ones were you pee on the ground. But china only had toilets that you pee on the gound & were disgusting even on the train you pee on the track ( I never went to the toilet that day) Dont forget to have some toilet paper on you as well if you ever go there coz some places dont suply it. China well the part that I went to no one spoke english not very australian friendly, pretty dirty place & you had to watch for your thing's as soon as you hoped of the bus at some of the places they were like magnet's people with limbs missing & were begging for money you had to push your way through the people & were told not to make eye contact & just keep going & hold on to your bag dont keep it in reach or they would pick pocket you. At one stage it was pretty scarey they wouldnt let me pass so I had to go back into the place & go out a different entrence to get back on the bus.
I tell you what it was an eye opener, the thing's you saw I dont think I will ever forget.

HK Disneyland was good more for little kids though. Mum said that the american one was 20 times better. The day that we went to disneyland we had breaky with the stars & me all of the disney star's like micky & mini mouse, daisey duck, pluto, chip & dale all of them it was pretty good.
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Postby Amanda20 » Sun Oct 07, 2007 10:22 pm

I've been to America, Brazil and Bali. I would really recommend California and New York. Its fantastic. I would also recommend Brazil. It really opens your eyes. They are both really diferent worlds. Just don't drink the water.
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Postby milkyway » Sun Oct 07, 2007 11:54 pm

I've done a lot of travel in Asia - I love it. Each country and culture is so unique and different. Some place (e.g. India & China) are hard but others (e.g. Thailand, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines) are easy. I've been to about 18 countries in total.

My hubby and I are planning adventures for the future... Korea & Thailand in Feb (visit his family... it's been over 2 years for me...) then a dream trip to Denmark (friends), London, France & Italy hopefully in June... and back to Nepal with a side trip to Tibet in October.

Nepal is a wonderful, wonderful country and very easy place to travel. It's so beautiful and the people are so laid back, friendly... and they all speak English! It's my second favourite country after Korea :)

Japan wasn't exactly easy for us... but we loved it. It was hard getting around on our own. We went to Osaka and I've also been to Fukuoka. When you speak English, people cover their mouths, giggle and run away!!! So trying to get help to catch a subway was a bit of a nightmare...

The US is amazing and so diverse - it's got everything and more, depending on what you want from a holiday. I loved New York, San Fran, Chicago and the Californian national park where El Capitan is... argh! The name escapes me...

happy planning! let us know your early thoughts.
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Postby help6363 » Mon Oct 08, 2007 2:56 am

WOW!!!! Lucky you :D

I love India.....I lived in Calcutta for quite a while. It's so amazing and so safe! It's cheap too.

Cannot wait to hear about where you are going!
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Postby rivenriver » Tue Oct 09, 2007 12:14 am

These are the places I've been and what I thought. :)

Okay, when I was 11 (1999), mum and dad sprung a surprise trip on me and my sister. We went then cos it was just before I turned 12, so the airfare was cheaper. We flew to the US, landing in Salt Lake City. From there we hired a car and drove out way around the landmarks - Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park, Monument Valley, etc. Took a week. Was VERY cool. We stopped enough that us two kids didn't get bored (my sister was 10), but covered lots of ground too (2000 miles in 6 days - my dad likes to drive).

Then we flew to Washington DC - mixed feelings about that one. The Smithsonian museums are amazing - so worth a look! And we did a cool night tour of the monuments and stuff. But the thing is, it has a very clear right/wrong side of the tracks. Our hotel was half a block on the wrong side of the tracks, and you could SO tell. The hotel stuffed up our booking, the tiny little corner store had HUGE bars on the windows, and my dad nearly got mugged picking up Chinese take away. It's also one of the most polluted areas I've ever been to. We were there 2 days.

Then we flew to Holland, cos we have family there. That was fantastic, really beautiful. I loved Amsterdam andthe canals and stuff, and we went to a cool zoo. There for a week.

Then we flew back to the US, to Disney World Florida, which is the biggest Disney theme park. We stayed at one of their resorts, and did a different part of the park each day. It was really good, because we had a little card that functioned as our park ticket, room key, and a credit card for food at the resort. That was awesome, cos it meant that mum and dad could go out at night if they wanted, and leave me an my sister with our card to get food and get into the room, and the pool and stuff. It was really fun, they have stuff for all ages. Beware though - it's big. We were there 6 days, we saw about half of what they have. We also spent a day at the Kenedy Space Centre down the road - that was cool.

Based on my experience being a kid on holidays, I'd say the key to travelling with kids is doing enough stuff that they don't get bored. My parents would have loved to just drive around looking at scenery, but we stopped at different things all the time, like dinosaur museums and volcanic springs and stuff. Plus Disney World was the last thing we did, so of course we were on our best behaviour until we got there. ;) I think mum and dad were lucky cos we were both old enough and interested enough to like museums and stuff, so we were easier to entertain. You'd have to customise it to your kids.

Then last year I went on student exchange after I finished high school. I went to Germany - Colonge/Dusseldorf area, near Holland. But cos it's Europe and everything's so close, I travelled a lot.

In Germany, pretty much every town you visit has something to offer, by way of a 1000 year old cathedral or a famous market or an interesting museum. I did Berlin and Munich as my major trips, both beautiful, but in very different ways. If you go to Berlin, check out KaDeWe, Kaufhaus Des Westerns, the biggest shop in Europe. Also I did an amazing tour of the underground - there was a door in the subway that everyone assumed was a cleaning cupboard until they realised it was never used. They prised it open and discovered a huge, intact WW2 bunker. Very cool. If you end up in Munich, you can't miss Neuschwanstein, the original fairy castle. It's a day trip, but it's SO worth it!!! Also do the film studios and the market place. :)

I went to Holland again to visit the rellies, and spent a bit more time wandering around Amsterdam. It's one of my favourite places in the world. But I have second thoughts about kids in Amsterdam, even though I first went there when I was 11. You need to remember that marijuana and prostitution are both legal in Holland, and the Amsterdam red light district is a major tourist attraction. Don't enter it unless you are prepared to see censored shops left right and centre (though it is an interesting place too, with a cool old church in the middle). Be careful about which cafes you choose, because some cater specifically to people who want to smoke pot and drink coffee. I loved it though cos it's so normal there - my uncle was giving me a tour, he's like "This is a beautiful old building, 700 years old. You can buy great weed there. Here's a very famous church, where lots of prostitutes do business." Hilarious! It's an amazingly beautiful city too, built along concentric canals. I HIGHLY recommend, I'm just hesitant to label it "kid friendly". ;)

Rome is cool, wall to wall landmarks. Though the churches do get a little overwhelming - they're all so spectacular that it gets boring. Also the Sistine Chapel is a waste of time - it's not nearly as good looking as the rest of the place, and it's crowded and dark, and you have to wait hours to get in. The food is great though, very easy to do on a budget (I had like no money while I was there). I like the character of the city, too.

Paris is lovely, but hard to do on foot. The Eiffel Tower is worth it, though prepare to be homesick if you've been away long, cos up the top it tells you exactly how many kms to various cities, including Canberra and Sydney. It's pricey, but you can argue it cheaper if you want. If you know a second language though, try that before you speak in English. They hate the English and Americans, and if you speak English, they'll be rude to you. I didn't speak any French, but I tried German before English, and people were much nicer and more helpful to me that way. Do the Louvre properly - I was only there for one day, so I chose not to go at all, because I wanted to do it all sometime later. A friend of mine went, but it was so rushed that they saw almost nothing.

London was fantastic. I loved it so much, but that was probably just cos I'm a theatre nut an I got to see Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus at The Globe Theatre (cheapest theatre in London! 5 pounds!) It was also refreshing to speak English and be understood. Also salt and vinegar chips, which it seems can't be bought on mainland Europe. ;) It's a great city to wander around though, I really liked it.

At the end of last year, Rock Eisteddfod invited me to go to Japan with them. We spent a week in Tokyo, looking around and rehearsing, then performed, then spent another week touring around Tokyo. It's soo busy! Soo many people! But they're all really nice and considerate too. Trains at peak time are scary, and would be tricky with kids, I think. I was in a group of 50 - it wasn't easy!!! Do all the shopping districts like Shiboya(sp?), and find the temples and gardens too cos they're spectacular. We did Disneyland and Disney Sea - not as good as Disney World, but very fun. Tokyo Tower isn't worth it, but the very tall skyscrapers are! We also went to a hot springs theme park near mt Fuji where we could bathe in things like red wine and charcoal and coffee. It was sooo cool! Tokyo is an awesome place!!!

And that is The World According to Me!!!

Have fun on your trip!!!
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