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One Question IQ test

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One Question IQ test

Postby Justjudy » Thu Apr 05, 2007 3:14 pm

Subject: one question IQ test

Here's a one-question IQ Test to help you decide how
you should spend the rest of your day......
There is a mute who wants to buy a toothbrush. By
imitating the action of brushing one's teeth, he
successfully expresses himself to the shopkeeper and
the purchase is done.
Now, if there is a blind man who wishes to buy a
pair of sunglasses, how should he express himself?
Think about it first before scrolling down for the

He opens his mouth and says. "I would like to buy a
pair of Sunglasses"
If you got this wrong -- please turn off your
computer and call it a day.
I've got mine shutting down right now.
(You know you missed it too, so shut down your
Reach for the moon, at least you'll land among the stars.

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Postby kate_turner2000 » Thu Apr 05, 2007 4:46 pm

lol nice one
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Postby Chelle » Wed Apr 11, 2007 4:00 pm

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Postby gremlen » Sat Apr 14, 2007 5:32 pm

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Postby Vegetable » Sat Apr 14, 2007 7:08 pm

God Im an idiot :shock: LOL
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Postby Jisgone » Fri Apr 20, 2007 9:27 am

*shuts down the computer and sits in a corner*

hehe :P
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Postby Donk » Fri Apr 20, 2007 10:00 am

Well, lucky I got that one, as I've got a lot of work to do today.
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Postby Ally » Mon Apr 23, 2007 1:02 pm

Image sorry guys I am just catching up on all these funnies!!

Yep I am in the corner with no computer now too!! Image
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