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Why do I turn to junk food when I'm worried or depressed???

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Why do I turn to junk food when I'm worried or depressed???

Postby Hayley » Tue Feb 07, 2006 12:46 pm

Hi everyone,

Why do some of us give in to temptation and turn to junk food when we're worried or depressed etc?

My comfort food is chocolate and I just never seem to be able to say no to it. It doesn't help that my husband buys me a large bag of m&m's to 'make me happy' and I just have to eat them. I feel so disappointed in myself. I have told him many times not to buy me crap like that but he knows that I am in a good mood after I've eaten it, so he still buys it for me - I always eat it because I don't want to waste it and can't help myself but then the next day I feel so bad that I did. I wake in the morning and say to myself that this will be a good day of healthy eating and then night comes, he buys me that and I sit down and eat half a big bag of the little buggers!

The furniture truck comes this Thursday and then we'll do the 13 hour drive down to Perth on Saturday - to stay with rellies for 2 weeks before moving up to Denham. I'm feeling so fat and frumpy, so I'm going to spend big bucks to get my hair cut and coloured today. That way I'll at least have nice hair for when I'm in Perth and hopefully it will make me feel a little better about myself for a while. Even though I've put on heaps of weight during the 13 months we've been away and even though all our friends and family will notice that and make comments on it, hopefully they'll at least be able to say something nice about my hair - that's the plan anyway!

Enough whinging - just had to get that off my chest cos I'm feeling very, very down in the dumps. I can't even buy new clothes to wear down there because we have 3 small clothing shops that only cater for women up to a 14 (although it is a very very small 14) and I'm a 16 so can't find anything that fits!!! That gives me the absolute shits!

I hope evryone else has a better day that mine - I'm feeling very sorry for myself! :oops: :cry:
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Postby Groovychic » Tue Feb 07, 2006 6:56 pm

OOOOOO Hayley you are having a bad time about it aren't you. Chin up girl. Just keep remembering well it's only 2 weeks. And just think how excited your family is going to be about seeing your little son. You will probably find that they are more interested in him than the fact that you have put a little weight on. And if they do comment say yes but I have nice hair to make up for it!!! :lol: As for will power with food. I have none. Today I ate 3/4 of a hamburger for lunch. It was full of salad but I know the white roll will have done a lot of damage. My nephew is here with me. The one I told you about who lives in Exmouth, and I bought him lunch and just couldn't say no. Poor bugger had an accident at work last week and his boss is in royal perth. He is rather worried about him. I mean so would I be. I'm just hoping there is not more psychological damage to the poor bugger. After losing his mum nearly 2 years ago, and his father nearly 7 years ago, he certainly didn't need this.
I guess you have to remember Hayley, that there is always going to be someone in a worse situation than you. Sounds like your hubby really loves you, and he thinks he is doing the right thing by bringing you some chocolate. My partner does the same for me. It shows they love you. Well it sort of does. They want to keep you fat so you don't look at someone else.......hahaha!!!! HHHMMM that could be a possibility you know. Na surely they aren't bringing us chocolate because they want us to stay like this! That might be a question for when they have had a few beers hey. My partner says that he tells me he loves me all the time. Mainly in the morning actually, prior to getting out of bed, he will let rip and stink the whole bedroom out. And when I say geez you stink he says well it shows you that I love you soooooo much!!!! Same goes for the choccy I spose. The bigger the choccy, the more they love us. The louder and stinkier the fart, the more they love us!!! :lol:
Well I do hope that I have made you smile. And remember, that most of us have difficulty with saying no to food. You are certainly not alone Hayley. Far from it actually. And isn't it better to get on here and have a whinge with people who actually do understand what you are going thru as they are going thru the same thing, rather than holding it in, or whinging to someone who doesn't understand and thinks, geez what are they whinging about!!!! So hold your head high in Perth Hayley. And keep that smile on your face. :D

Keep Smiling!!!
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Postby Butterfly_Dawn » Wed Feb 08, 2006 7:54 am

How about gpoing about it a completely different way.

You could still accept the choccolates as a gift, but a different type of gift - a gift that allows you to show how strong and determined you are.

You can say:

"thanks for the choccie, and today I'm seeing this as a gift that lets me make a decision! Every time you give me a packet you are letting me make a decision. Up to now I didn't realise this and have made poor decisions that don't make the most of it. But today I'm making the most of your gift by choosing not to eat them and putting them in the bin. That way your gift makes me feel better in the long run rather than a short term high that leaves me feeling bad the next day, helps me in my weight loss goal and proves my determination and commitment to this program."

Then give him a big hug and kiss and bin them.

Nothing is ever "bad" in itself. You have to frame a situation as bad for it to be that way. this way you can frame it as good. Just like Eddison did when he failed thousands of times to make a lightbulb. He framed it positively.

"I have not failed. I've just forund 10, 000 ways that don't work."
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15kg gained again (as at October 2010).
Back to the drawing board - Let's do this thing!

"You can't change the winds, but you can change the sails"

"Reach out and take control of what lands in your lap"

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Postby Angel » Thu Feb 09, 2006 5:34 pm

What a great way to look at things Tegan. I would never have thought of looking at it in that light.

Hayley, hopefully now that a few days have passed you are feeling a little less depressed??? I hope things have picked up for you.

I find a lot of the time when I am dreading something, it usually isn't as bad as I think it'll be - our imagination is a wonderful thing. I agree with Rochelle, your family will probably be more interested in your son than your shape.

One day I was looking at a t-shirt that was about 4 times bigger than I needed, I wanted to make sure that it fit the way I wanted it to - nowadays everything is made for stick figures - so anyway, Mum sees what I'm doing and says "Yeh, it should fit you!" OUCH!, I turned to her and told her to keep her hurtful comments to herself and explained what I was doing. Rest assured she will not make the same mistake again - is there any reason why you can't do similar to your family??? Tell 'em thanks for stating the obvious, but you'd figured it our yourself!

As for hubby and the M&Ms, if you don't want to hurt his feelings how about pouring a small amount in a container right in front of him and saying out loud, since I'm trying to lose weight, I'll just have a few, this way, I can make them last me all week. Hopefully he won't buy you some the next day. If he does, bin that packet. This way you get the best of both worlds - a small amount of M&Ms shouldn't affect your weight loss efforts and this way you're not depriving yourself of a treat or hurting hubbies feelings. Or failing all that, could you ask him to bring you the individual serving size packet rather than the large?

Hope I was some help,
chin up,
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