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Biggest Loser - Series 1

Anything and everything concerning weight loss.

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Postby Dolly » Wed Mar 22, 2006 1:29 pm


Week 1
The contestants get to know each other and settle into The Biggest Loser camp for ten grueling weeks of blood, sweat and tears. Including a frightening climb over the Sydney harbour bridge.
The first elimination of Dave the largest male, is a shock to all.
The reds justify their elimination by saying Dave's leg held him back.

Week 2
The Red team face a tough week of competition, both physically and emotionally. The red team girls break an alliance and vote off Jo

Week 3
After suffering the humilating loss of another weigh-in, the pressure is on the red team to lift their work-rate and give the Blues some real competition. Artie strains a tendon leaving him out of action for 24 hours and Bob is speechless when he finds out his blue team have an alliance and voted off Cat.

Week 4
With the blue alliance revealed, tensions reach breaking point. Harry is voted off but it's sure to mean the downfall of the blue team. Wal is sad to see his friend Harry leave and give's Tracy a rough time about her alliance. She strikes back reminding the red team about the red team girl alliance against Jo.
The cupboards were locked and the teams had to learn ordering and takeout eating.
Jillian informs her red team that a 12 inch Chicken Teriyaki with Salad can be 200 to 300 calories lighter if the inner bread is scooped out first.
A subway bowl of chicken salad is only 135 calories so Jillian tells Ruth to double the meat.

Week 5
Artie and Tracy are were the next to be evicted in the first double elimination.

Week 6
There are no more blue or red teams, it's every Loser for themselves as the final 6 battle for the title with Solo weigh-ins.
Adro wins a dinner with his wife by running a race carrying weigted jackets of how many kilo they each have lost.
They also eat cup cakes for immunity but fail to find the winning cup cake.
Wal wins an up hill beach race to seleect someone to be weighed in 48 hours early, he picks Shane but Wal still ends up being eliminated.

Week 7
Shifting one tone of bricks each left Ruth in lock-down when she refused to participate in completing her task and came in last.
The others visit China Town where they gambled to eat strange food. Fiona won immunity in her selected fortune cookie.
A blindfolded race throough a maze lead Kristie to win and help Ruth and Fi to a wall climb. Fi won the 1 kg advantage toward her next weigh-in. Ruth is eliminated from the house.

Week 8
Shane is found to be tough competition and is thus eliminated but the following day is returned with the past contestants in a chance to re-enter the house, playing competitions to see which one can pull the wild card to join the final 3 to win.

Adro, Kristie, Fiona and even the trainer Jillian all voice how the Biggest Loser organizers should not have placed eliminated contestants back into the competition.
Jo fought with Kristie but later made peace. Tracy didn't show up (probably feeling it unfair to the final three)
Harry was the winner of the weigh-in and in spite of the others hostility at the unfairness of his return he is determined to win the two hundred thousand dollars.
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