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Christmas Day

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Christmas Day

Postby scoots » Wed Dec 12, 2007 4:44 pm

ok, so i was just wondering what people are planning to do Christmas day as far as food/exercise goes???

personally, i am going out to a friends place for breakfast and tea, and have decided that whilst i'm not going to go too overboard, i'm going to enjoy eating the food and being with the people.

I figure its only one day, plus i will have the bulk of the day to myself so can choose what i have for lunch, and planning on doing some form of exercise during the day as well.
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Postby loveat116 » Wed Dec 12, 2007 5:00 pm

It will be a normal Christmas Day for me.

I'll eat until I am very very full and then have a nice nap!

Its one day a year where I eat this much, and I love the festive season, one day of gorging will not deter weight loss!

We usually go to the beach or go play cricket, so there is a lil exercise! cant wait!
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Postby Sas » Wed Dec 12, 2007 5:05 pm

I'm going to try and make my serving sizes a little smaller this year... not sure how I'll go but I'm really going to try hard.

Exercise wise I'm getting a heart rate monitor for Christmas so I'm going to wanna try it out so gonna go for a run in the morning before all the festivities start aka bottle of champa's is opened :wink:
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Postby yoyogirl88 » Wed Dec 12, 2007 6:34 pm

Im just going to enjoy my christmas and go for loooong walks with my mum the days following b4 i have to leave her and come home.

enjoy myself= getting sloshed with my mummy.
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Postby GoddessInside » Wed Dec 12, 2007 7:22 pm

Well the 4 - 5 days leading up to Christmas I will be running around like a headless chook. So I will have all my exercise done over those days so I wont have to worry about Christmas day itself.

Although it is only one day per year, I would like to control my portion sizes and appreciate my food rather than just scoffing it down for the sake of it. I will be catering Christmas this year with my grandmother, so I want to enjoy it.

Christmas days will be one of my hurdles as I dont want to overdo it as I then will find it extremely hard to continue.
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Postby zeedeveelgirl » Wed Dec 12, 2007 7:32 pm

This year we're spending it at my grandma's with her, my auntie and her 2 kids (and probably my cousin's boyfriend seeing as they seem to be attached at the hip - ahh, teenage lurv!). This is the first time we've done this in about 5 years because before my grandfather passed away a couple of weeks ago, he used to upset her and cause havoc every special occasion we spent there (Christmas, Easter etc).

My grandma is planning on getting a turkey, and we're in charge of salads/sides. So I plan to load my plate with salads and have a bit of turkey breast, bring my own diet drink, and either make a lower cal Christmas dessert (am thinking maybe doing some form of fruit thing in a meringue nest?) or avoid dessert altogether, depending on how full I am.

I plan on going for a decent run in the morning, and a walk in the evening :)
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Postby sandrah » Wed Dec 12, 2007 7:55 pm

im having 50 people at my place for christmas day (husband has 8 brothers and sisters and with their families-crazy eh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
my plan is to eat and drink whatever i like and reduce stress!!!! cant wait!!!
boxing day i will be exhausted and back on track!!!!
i know i can-i know i can!!!!?????
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Postby bferbear » Wed Dec 12, 2007 7:59 pm

Will be collecting my mother early and driving for 3 hours to my sisters house for xmas lunch and dinner. Will eat way too much but will burn it off as well. Being the reprobate Uncle I become the high diving platform in the pool for my sisters 4 kids. Between that and backyard cricket I will be run off my feet. Then have to be up early to do it all again on Boxing day when I will take mum from my sisters house to my Brothers house for another feast and more presents. He is at his in-laws this year for xmas day, so we get boxing day.
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Postby shelbel » Wed Dec 12, 2007 8:01 pm

My plan is 2 eat till im stuffed, wait a while, then eat dessert, then chocolate, then come home and drink myself silly! LOL We are going to the boys mums house for a quiet lunch, then the rest of the day is ours as his dad has recently moved out of perth and my family are all in victoria. So i say stuff the weightloss, its only one day of the year! Although in saying that there has been so many xmas parties and drinks so far! And its my bday on boxing day, so another day off there! :roll: Oh well, back into it in the new year thats for sure!!
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Postby sandrah » Wed Dec 12, 2007 8:01 pm

dont ya all just loooooove christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????
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Postby SarahC » Thu Dec 13, 2007 8:49 am

My Christmas Day routine:
* Get up early and go for a run along the beach for an hour
* Open presents, shower, get dressed... and hide from my mum (she gets very stressed with preparing lunch etc, it's not fun!)
* Non-stop eating and drinking, from about 1pm thru till at least 6pm
* Then... collapse on the couch moaning and holding my belly. But, still managing to pick over the leftovers till bedtime :roll:
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Postby rivenriver » Thu Dec 13, 2007 9:11 am

I don't even know what my family is doing on Christmas - we're pretty slack in organising it!!!

As far as eating, I reckon I'm going to attempt to eat a bit less snacky things than I normally would, a bit more salad, and for dessert I'm going to go crazy with the fruit salad - my dad and I make a KICK ARSE fruit salad, full of mangoes and berries and melons and lemon and lime juice - it's sooooooo good!!! But I'll saple the other desserts, of course! ;)

By the way, if anyone wants me to teach them how to make a real and fantastic [b][u][i]pavlova[b][u][i] that's going to get them compliments until the end of time, just ask me! ;) Very little fat in one of those, too! ;)
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Postby lng86 » Thu Dec 13, 2007 10:42 am

Christmas is my day off!!!

Whilst I don't think I've worked my butt off to get to where I am (I still eat foods that I enjoy - just in smaller portions!)... I am going to do whatever I please!

As long as Christmas day doesn't extend from mid November to early January... I don't think there is a problem with eating what you please on Xmas day alone!
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Postby EvilWombatQueen » Thu Dec 13, 2007 9:01 pm

I'm going to my Auntie and Uncle's for a seafood barbeque. Since I'm vegan I'll be bringing along my own food of salads and veggies to eat. I'll probably end up eating healthier on Christmas Day than any other day of the year!

I doubt I'll fit in any exercise that day, though.
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Postby HappyBella55 » Thu Dec 13, 2007 11:43 pm

I don't have an action plan. I'm just going to enjoy my day and practice portion control but will probably end up consuming to many yummy drinks :shock: :D
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