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So tired!

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So tired!

Postby Serena » Fri Jul 15, 2005 6:56 pm

As you all know I've been going to the gym nearly every day for two weeks now and last week I was struggling with being hungry all the time, but this week I just feel so tired all the time. What can I do? It seems that I can't get through the day without having an afternoon nap! I know I probably don't get enough sleep. I try to get up between 7-7.30 but I don't get to bed till late. Darren works afternoon shift and doesn't come home till midnight so I generally wait up for him. I find it's easier that way because he'd wake me up anyway making so much noise and then I wouldn't be able to get back to sleep. And sometimes I'm really lucky and he'll set off the smoke alarm at 2.30 in the morning burning toast just after I've gotten to sleep. And if I try to sleep in we have a siberian husky who starts howling at around 7.15 because it's time to get up now. I know there's nothing I can do and it's just something my body will have to adjust to. New mum's adjust to sleep deprivation right? Afternoon naps seem like such a waste of time. I'm hoping that this phantom burst of energy that gym-goers swear by will kick in soon and compensate somewhat. Wishful thinking never hurt anyone, right?
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So tired

Postby lavender » Sat Jul 16, 2005 11:15 am

Hello Serena

May I tell you a little of my experience with lack of sleep?

I burnt the candle both ends for years, I excused it because I thought I had to do it, I was preparing work at night usually 1-2 am and had to be at work by 8:30 am.

I now know it has a detrimental affect on your whole health, mind and body. I suffered short term memory loss and immune problems not to mention functioning at a lower level than I should have been.

Serena please think twice about taking the " shift workers adjust to lack of sleep" approach. You really do need 8 hours sleep for your body to repair. So if getting a sleep in the afternoon is the only time you have to catch up on sleep then make the time to do it.

I read recently that insufficient sleep can contribute to weight gain and I believe it, from my own experience.

I read your first introductory post and it was really inspiring to read this post of you going to the gym. I know I have to get moving and your example has just got me planning a walk.

Bye now



Postby Serena » Sat Jul 16, 2005 10:36 pm

Thanks for the advice Lanie and welcome aboard. I guess I know sleep deprivation is no good but it's always the first thing you sacrifice when you have so much to do. Darren forgot to lock the dog in the laundry last night so she slept at the foot of our bed pretending to be invisible and she kept very quiet letting me sleep in till 9. I felt much better having had more sleep. I really don't like napping in the afternoon that much because I feel like I'm wasting the day and also the broken sleep doesn't really rejuvenate that much. I think I shall just have to learn to ignore Darren stomping around the house at 2am and go to bed earlier.
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Postby emma21 » Sun Jul 17, 2005 1:51 pm

I too feel pretty tired by the end of the day and sometimes end up having what i call a 'nanny nap' in the afternoons.

Being a night person I dont usually go to bed until at least midnight on most nights then I get up late and feel I have wasted half the day away. But I generally find that I can go through the day better if i only have about 6 hours sleep.

I think the amount of sleep you need varies from person to person. On the nights I only get about 6 hours I dont need to sleep in the afternoon and I feel energised to do a workout or something physical. However on the nights I have 8 hours or more sleep I feel so lethargic and it takes me forever to get motivated to do anything.

I think you need to experiment with how many hours sleep you need a night and go from there...

Emma :)
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