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Grrrrrrrrrrr I can't stop eating!

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Grrrrrrrrrrr I can't stop eating!

Postby Fiona25 » Fri Jan 25, 2008 6:35 pm

I need HELP :shock:

The last 2 weeks i've fallen off the wagon a bit in the eating department. Haven't lost an ounce of motivation with exercise just with eating.

I start off the day good, eating very good up until afternoon tea, then I lose it. I either eat too much or I eat bad foods.

Like this afternoon I had 20grams veggie chips (100cals) a packet of sanitarium breakfast snacks (120cals) then proceeded to have a handful of doritos, a handful of 25% reduced fat potato chips, a light and creamy low fat choc ice-cream stick and I have just cracked opened a beer :shock: I haven't had a drink since 23/12/07 and that was only because my dog died that day, before that I hadn't had one at all for a good month or more.

I know when i'm eating that I shouldn't be - no hungry, just boredom but I can't stop - WHY CAN'T I STOP???

My weigh in is on Sunday and I haven't weighed in for 2 weeks because last week was TTOM and i'm positive i'm going to have a gain come Sunday :evil:

Still drinking 2-3ltrs water a day, but having to push myself for that - normally I drink 3ltrs EASY as.

I know that I need to eat well to lose weight and look good but i'm going through a rough patch I think. In that moment I don't care and then I feel like sh*t later.

Help! Give me a big kick up the a$$ and talk some sense into me PLEASE :shock:
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Postby shelbel » Fri Jan 25, 2008 11:02 pm

Oh Fiona dont you just hate those times!! Ive gone through cycles like that throughout my journey so far and i hate to tell you, but there is no magic way to snap out of it! (if there is, please share!! :D ) Sometimes it feels like im out of control and i just cant stop myself from eating, i know i shouldnt because im not hungry, and i will tell myself not to eat all the way to the fridge, all the way back to the couch, all through opening whatever ive foraged and during eating it!!! But i dont seem to care enough at the time to stop! What is with that anyway?! :shock:

Ok so on a practical level, 1st is forgive and forget! Its happened, its over, now you move on, this journey isnt really a race and so what if it takes abit longer, as long as you get there in the end! Plus residue guilt weighs more then food i reckon! LOL

2nd the cycle willl end and you will have control again! Just have some faith!

3rd distract! If its boredom driving you to eat, especially in the evenings, try to do something else like reading, puzzles, some people find knitting works a treat! I do beading jewelery to distract me!

If your not sure if it is actual hunger or boredom, set a time, say i'll eat again in half hour, then go do something else, by then you'll know if your really hungry or not.

Fiona you have done so well in your weightloss so far, and it will get easier, you just got to ride the cycle out and you'll come out on top! Dont give up yet! :D
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Postby Fiona25 » Fri Jan 25, 2008 11:22 pm

Thankyou Shel!

You're so right, this isn't a race but I think i've been treating it like one, so thankyou so much for putting that into perspective for me :D

I did 85mins of billy blanks tonight in an effort to work off this afternoons effort, and I didn't eat anything else. We'll see what Sunday brings :oops: I've got a busy, exercised filled day tomorrow so hopefully my eating will be better.
Saying goodbye to calorie counting AND scales for a while.

Just enjoying the new and improved healthy me and embracing my new lifestyle!
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Postby chubba momma » Fri Jan 25, 2008 11:27 pm

Hugs to you

Ive done the same thing today.. just ate and ate.. silly casue i know its wrong, but well done on doing the work out!!
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Postby GoddessInside » Sat Jan 26, 2008 7:14 am

I had one of those nights last night Fiona, I just couldnt stop grazing, a few biccies here, popcorn over there and so on.

Don't stress too much about it, the main thing is that you jump back on the wagon and continue on. You've done an incredible job to date Fiona, don't let this hold you back :)
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Postby molligrub » Sat Jan 26, 2008 9:24 am

Don't worry I had one of those days yesterday LOL! Because I'm leaving town everyone has been taking me out to eat, so yesterday I had a chicken and camembert foccaccia for lunch, then kinda nibbled all arvo on the choccies someone had bought me, then my parents took me to Sizzler for tea where I felt compelled to get my money's worth for them!!!

Needless to say, along with that and almost TTOTM, there is no WAY I'm getting on those scales today!!!

I am gonna exercise my butt off!! Literally!!
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Postby Gym Lover » Sat Jan 26, 2008 10:26 am

Everyone goes through those times. I think it happens to me when I get to a point where I'm not stoked with how I'm looking and how much I've lost, but I'm not unhappy either. Then I fall prey to the mindset of, oh only one won't hurt etc etc. I hate it!
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Postby wannabehealthy » Sat Jan 26, 2008 10:27 am

i go through this as well its horrible :(
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