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Giving up certain foods?

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Re: Giving up certain foods?

Postby Fiona25 » Wed Feb 06, 2008 9:14 pm

I could never give up certain foods 'for good' but have definitely cut them back to enjoying them once in a while.

Things like McDonalds and KFC I used to eat 2-4 times a week. I haven't had any for 6 weeks or more now and no longer crave it as last time I had it, it made me feel soooooooooooooo sick. But if I want it as a treat again I will allow that IF I have been a good girl lately at that time.

I have to have chocolate once or more a week, but don't eat it in the amounts I used to. I used to easily devour 1/2 a block of chocolate a day, now I will have 1 choc bar a week and an atkins choc bar a week too.

Other foods I love like pizza, cakes etc, I will have once a week. I allow a 1 day a week binge but must be good that week to allow myself to have it. I would too easily eat too much if it was a daily occurance.

I cut back on all my bad foods very slowly and am now comfortable with just having treats once a week. Whenever I crave I think 'Sunday is only around the corner, you can have treats then' I need to know that I have treats coming up!
Saying goodbye to calorie counting AND scales for a while.

Just enjoying the new and improved healthy me and embracing my new lifestyle!
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