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help needed

Anything and everything concerning weight loss.

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help needed

Postby Dougie » Tue Apr 15, 2008 9:05 pm

Hey im a 15 year old male about 5 11 and i way 75kg and im not to happy about it. For some reason i seem to put the weight on around my thighs and butt. Im just wondering how i can lose the extra weight i have and put on some muscle and acually look good at the beach. I have some questions.

1. At the moment i have just started riding to school every day (5 days a week) which takes me about 40 mins so its about 80 minutes a day for 5 days a week. Im wondering if this is enough excersise.

2. I wanna get some muscle on me but im not sure how i can do this. Im thinking lifting dumbells doing some upper strength work (push ups, pull ups which i can barely do 3) and doing some core work (sit ups, bridges, etc).

3. Im dead set stuck on the diet lol. I have no knowledge what so ever on what i should eat.

Anyway just wanting to know how to go about losng my weight and yeah hope you guys can help me. Thanks.
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Re: help needed

Postby Fireball » Wed Apr 16, 2008 3:16 am

Its a bit late to start on an answer for you. I'm sure the folks on tomorrow will help you out. But it is great that you have joined the forum! Goodluck

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Re: help needed

Postby MagicGirl79 » Wed Apr 16, 2008 3:29 pm

Hey Dougie,

I'm pleased that you want to live a healthy lifestyle and I think that's what you should focus on for now. You're still fairly young (and please don't be offended by that) and so your body will drop a lot of excess fat as you age into the 20's. I know cause that's what happened to lots of the boys when I was at school. While the girls were putting weight on thanks to puberty and periods, the boys were shedding it.

The riding to school is excellent exercise. If you want to do more, can I suggest joining a sporting team? It's a great way to socialise and also excellent fitness. I play hockey and love it. I also played soccer at Uni, soccer is excellent for fitness and will def help your legs to build muscle.

Because you're 15 I would suggest taking it easy with weights. I know that you can do damage to muscles & bones if you don't do it properly at a young age. Unless you want to join a gym, I'd advise against doing weights on your own. The bike riding will help you build leg muscles anyway. When you ride, push down with your heels rather than your toes and that will use your upper thigh & butt muscles more than your calves.

As for diet, just cut out excessive foods & try to eat more natural foods liek fruit & veg. Avoid take away where possible and you'll notice that simple changes like that will make a huge difference.

Anyway hope all this info helps. Feel free to ask more questions if you need more help! Good luck with it all.
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Re: help needed

Postby Butterfly_Dawn » Wed Apr 16, 2008 9:26 pm

Welcome to the forum!
My advice is to take it slow to start with!
I'd say 80 min of cycling is a great start and as an added benefit it incorporates resistance (to build strength and muscle mass) as well as cardio (to burn up the flubber). Now I may be biased (I cycle 2hrs per day) but I love cycling! It does build nice muscles in your legs and butt BUT that means you tend to have fairly big well muscled legs - not skinny stick legs which is what some people want. Cycling is a more efficient exercise than walking, but less than jogging - but is has the advantage of being relatively low impact. 1.5hr walking = 1hr cycling = 30 min jogging.

As for the eating maybe try keeping a food diary so you know exactly what you are eating to start with, then if you need any help finding the bits you need to change you can share it with us and we can give you some pointers! But as a general rule I follow the plain old eat better food and less of it diet. So I try to eat foods that are least processed as possible so I try to avoid cakes and chips etc and go more for fresh fruit and veg and grains.

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Re: help needed

Postby mjessica89 » Sun May 25, 2008 4:52 pm

Hi Dougie, it is actually impossible to lose weight/fat at a particular place since losing weight and fat is a whole body process. Therefore, if you want to lose the fat around your butt and thigh, you will need to lose the overall fat in your body. However, you can improve the fat loss around those parts by building muscles. So, you will need to do some strength and resistance training.

I think some trainings that are suitable for you are :
leg raise (front,sides and behind)


My daily routine :
Diet - Follow the free 7 days diet plan from the Calorie Shifting website (a very useful diet plan :) )
Exercise - Monday, Wednesday, Friday = swimming,
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday = jogging (around my house), Sunday = Yoga
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