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Does Kate Morgan actually work??

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Does Kate Morgan actually work??

Postby mumof2under2 » Thu Jul 31, 2008 1:48 am

hi, ive been on the kate morgan program for approx 4 days now... and am going insane... i can have a shake for breakfast a piece of fruit for morning tea (if i want), a shake for lunch fruit again for afternoon tea, and a piece of lean meat for tea.. with a mininum of 3 cups of vege and 2 litres of water every day..
i have also upped my excercise level. but i am finding that i have almost caved twice already to take away, or whatever i am cooking up for my 2 young kids.. i am only 21 and weigh 95kgs, and that is why i have joined the kate morgan program. i want to hopefully get to 60 kgs,..
with saying this, my sister in law is doing great on it. but i have heard so many other things from random ppl saying it doesnt work..
basically want i want to know is, if you have also been on it, does it work?, and do the bad cravings go away? i hope so...
thanks, eleisha xx
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