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Duromine HELP!!!!!

Anything and everything concerning weight loss.

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Re: Duromine HELP!!!!!

Postby mihza » Tue Sep 16, 2008 2:38 pm

Hey Warriorcat.

Thank you so much for that u have a lot of good points.. and its good to see a positive side to it ur comment has made me feel a lot better about it.
Unfortunatly i get the side effects especially at night which is the worst i get reallly moody and snap at everything and anyone and i honestly look like im frying. lol but thankfully people around me can understand it . Evryone's body responds to things differntly.ur a lucky one!!
yeah i still try and eat throughout the day healthy but small meals even if im not hungry as i dnt want my body goin into starvation mode.

I guess i just have to wait n see how i go. . so thanks for ur helpp!! =)
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Re: Duromine HELP!!!!!

Postby warriorcat » Tue Sep 16, 2008 6:00 pm

Hi Mihza,

Sorry to hear that you're experiencing some bad side effects at the moment. I would give it another week and see how you go. I know mood swings is a listed side effect of Duromine but the mood swings could also be your body adjusting to your new eating plan if you know what i mean? For example, when i started on Celebrity Slim, the info said that mood swings for the first few days were a possible side effect because of the lower carb intake. Also on diets where i've cut out sugar i've found that i've been cranky for the first few days and when i've done liver cleansing diet type things they say that mood swings are a side effect for a couple of a days.

If after a week you're finding that you're still really moody or emotional, I'd reevaluate the situation then. The moodiness might not be specific to Duromine and could be just the diet change, but just keep an eye on yourself :) Also watch out for the other symptoms. You might find that moodiness is your only side effect and it may all settle down soon. The most important thing is to take care of yourself and feel free to PM me if you need any help. :)

Take Care!
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Re: Duromine HELP!!!!!

Postby cloza » Fri May 14, 2010 11:53 am

Hi everyone,
im recently new here today, this is my first post and i've just searched 'duromine' to see other peoples stories and how they are going with it as i am also using it to kick start my weight loss.
I am 16 years old and my doctor straight out gave the duromine perscription to me, no questions asked. :?
ive read about how doctors only put people on this type of drug drug if you are over weight. i know i have alot of weight to loose but what weight do you have to be to be classed as 'over weight' ? i am around 163cm and i weight about 80 kg. I have tried many many diets and excercises and still there is no improvement in my weight so i turned to duromine. whilst i was at the doctors, the doctor just took my blood pressure, weight and height then sent me on my way, i asked a few quesetions but they werent really answered with great detail so i dont fully understand what im supposed to be doing.
i know a couple of people who are using duromine and one of them had suggested it to me because he noticed that i'm very harsh on myself and down on myself about my weight.
i have done alot of research on it and found alot of scary/negative stories but my main concern is that when you finish the tablet you gain alot of the weight back on, which i hope that isn't going to happen if i can change my eating patterns and excercise patterns. i just need to learn how to do that.
i started the tablet 3 days ago, on tuesday and i haven't really had any side effects other then an ongoing headache and i wake up really early in the morning (i love my sleep :D )
i've done alot of research on the internet for the past 3-4 weeks and all i have been reading is negative things about this, which isnt going to change my mind about this because im doing this for myself because my weight is something that i have delt with since i was younger and i'm tired of feeling so unhappy with myself and i blame everything bad that happens to me on my weight. i'd really like to feel better about myself and was hoping some people who have had success in this area of weight loss could give me some advice, i am unsure what to eat and what excercises i should do, if any.
i can't go to my family members about this because they aren't very supportive of me doing this, and most of the time, they are eating and buying unhealthy foods, so i dont know how i will be able to eat healthy if there is nothing healthy around the house for me to eat. and besides my family members are all skinny minies my old sister is a size 6 and my younger sister is a size 8 and my mum is a size 10, which kind of makes me feel out of place and makes me feel as though they are judging me and my weight because i'm not like them :( another thing making it worse is all my friends are all tiny girls, and i probably weight more then most of the boys my age too :(
i'm not hoping to be a tiny person, but just looking and being happy and healthy with myself is my biggest wish, which i hope to achieve. i really want to show my family that i'm not just a 'fat kid' . Even though i am 16 i don't believe this is a magic cure for me and i realise that when i finish the perscription i am still going to have to work hard to stay healthy. i'm not relying on this tablet just to take all my weight off me and ive realised some people use it as a quick fix, i know that it comes from alot of hard work and changes of lifestyle but i am willing to do anything if it means in the end i'm going to be happy about the result.
if anyone has some positive advice for me, it would be greatly appreciated.
i know im still very young, but id really like to do something about my weight while im still young.
Goodluck to everyone also, some of the stories i've read on this website about other peoples weight loss is amazing and inspiring, keep up the effort!! its good to know there are people in the world like the members and especially the creators of this website, who can support people with the same kind of problems through the hard times to keep each other motivated and yearning for succes.

kind regards
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Re: Duromine HELP!!!!!

Postby michael4 » Mon Oct 18, 2010 5:00 am

I didn't try it but I have heard a lot of various opinions and I can't still tell you if it works. Probably it does, but not for everyone.
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