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WW - Core Plan vs Points Plan

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WW - Core Plan vs Points Plan

Postby GoddessInside » Sat Nov 08, 2008 7:41 am

Hi All !

Ive just been doing a little reading online at the WW site and am slightly confused to the two plans that they have. The Core and The Points.

Now I've done the points counting befoe, but how does The Core Plan work and how does it differ to counting points ? For those that have done both, what are the pros / cons ? Which one is easier to follow ?

Any help / feedback would be greatly appreciated :)

Thank you all :)
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Re: WW - Core Plan vs Points Plan

Postby starr22 » Sat Nov 08, 2008 3:20 pm


I'm doing points at the moment, but I know people on the core plan who love it.

On the Core plan you can eat most non processed foods such as fruit, vegies, skim milk, lean meats, wholegrain breads, diet yoghurt (the whole list is in the back of the points guide book) until you are satisfied...not full...just satisfied. So basically you can have as much of these foods as you want. No measuring, just knowing when u are satisfied and stopping then. You also get 20 or 21 points (not 100% sure) each week to use on foods that are not listed as core foods, these are things like chocolate,wine, know all the good stuff :wink: I think it is probably good for people who don't like to have to write everything down as they only need to keep track of the 20/21 points for extra/bad food.

I find points easier to follow, as I like to know exactly what I am allowed to have, and by doing points it gives you portion sizes. I don't think I am diciplined enough to know when to stop otherwise :D

Hope I was some help and didn't confuse you more :? It's hard to explain :D
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