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gotta do this - am seeming to need help!!!

Anything and everything concerning weight loss.

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gotta do this - am seeming to need help!!!

Postby Leenie » Thu Nov 13, 2008 8:53 pm

hey guys,
ive got no idea how many times i have been on here going yes, i need more motivation. i was doing really well with my last set of goals, but then i had a weekend away and realised how much fun eating, drinking and not exercising really is!!
well im back, there is a desire in my mind to do this, and a need in my body to do this. im just struggling to work out how. im fine if i have a routine that works for me, but my lifestyle at the moment gives me absolutely no routine what so ever.
im a nursing student and am having many weeks of placement and exams at the moment, so not quite sure how to go about this.
i havent even gotten on the scales yet, i dont really want to.
i no what i need to do, and why i need to do it, just not quite sure how to do it.
so here it is:
i need to remember that just because im bored doesnt mean eating is a hobby (i dont eat when im sad - i eat much less when im down, just eat when im bored)
i need to remember that just because something in my tummy niggles doesnt mean i NEED to eat
just because its 10am or 3pm doesnt mean i need to eat
need to remember that helping myself now will help myself in the future
my physical problems wont just go away - back pain
high cholesterol
knee problems
apparently an arrhythmia (not diagnosed yet but playing with an ECG machine on placement may have been a good idea - must go to the dr bout this one
chronic fatigue?
had anaemia and vit. d deficiency but i think theyve been resolved (altho iron levels need to be kept up)

well thats what i can come up with at the moment - im under the impression that if im physically healthy then my mental health will be either in a much better place, or at least easier to cope with.

im also having surgery in january, just for my wisdom teeth, but do i really want to get on the scales and be ashamed? and id like to be fit and healthy so i recover quickly. i used to be very fit and healthy, but then i moved out of home and lost routine. i need to learn to live without routine, im going to be a nurse so there will be no routine.

at the moment i see my optimum weight is 77kg
and im (hopefully) going to start steve monagetti's run for the kids training program, it starts easy but gets harder. i also plan on doing some swimming to help my knees and back.
i think im going to see a dr about this and see how that goes, also might have a crack at a nutritionist? i usually am up there with nutrition but im just not at the moment, and not sure where to start.
im also thinking bout having a semi-regular massage or something to keep me feeling nice and relaxed and pain free.

what i really need tho is some hints/tips/motivation. i think it sounds like ive got it altogether, but it doesnt feel like i do, i guess im just finding it hard when i have so much work on my plate, but thats life i guess.

anywho, thanks for reading this, i think i need to go do some soul searching
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Re: gotta do this - am seeming to need help!!!

Postby Alexandra » Fri Nov 14, 2008 8:23 am

Hi - Good luck with your weight loss goals! The thing I try to do when I want to eat when I'm bored is replace the eating activity with something else. I know it sounds obvious, but if you find yourself eating at 10am and 3pm, schedule something else in at those times to make sure you can't eat - I don't know if you have class or work placements but if you don't, meet up with a friend and go for a walk or go for a walk by yourself. Go to the Gym. Head to the library. Clean the bathroom *yuck* but necessary *gg*. Make sure you have something else happening at those particular times that ensures you don't have any access to food. If you do have to eat, only have access to fruit or low fat yoghurt etc.

Hope that helps. Again, best wishes, keep at it. Commitment is the key :D

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