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I cannot control my eating of junk food

Anything and everything concerning weight loss.

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I cannot control my eating of junk food

Postby Quicky » Tue Jan 20, 2009 8:51 pm

Hello everyone,

I am a working executive, working long hours and addicted to fast food, usually eating while I'm in the office. I seem to eat whether I'm hungry or not and have got to a stage where I am unable to control my eating habit. Unfortunately, my weight is increasing and I'm being forced to buy clothes a size larger than normal. I can devote a little time to exercise, but is there a recommended safe way to lose weight? I've heard of all these diets, such as Atkins, that don't sound very healthy at all.
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Re: I cannot control my eating of junk food

Postby milkyway » Tue Jan 20, 2009 9:01 pm

There is no quick fix. Healthy eating with controlled portions and exercise = healthy, sustainable weightloss. Plus we have to work on what made us overweight in the first place. If you don't get both these things in order, chances of long-term success are extremely limited.

Best not to think of it as a 'diet' but rather a lifestyle change, something you can live with forever.

I was drinking and eating waaay too much during December and not exercising much so I went cold turkey - no sugar snacks, no alcohol, no junk food and no pepsi max. Three weeks in and I'm feeling really good. I have my moments where I feel like I'm climbing the walls, but they're getting fewer and further between.

Have you thought about setting yourself a similar challenge to kick start your weightloss journey?

PS Welcome aboard :)
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Re: I cannot control my eating of junk food

Postby Fireball » Wed Jan 21, 2009 12:51 am

I feel for you. Your situation describes my story last year exactly so I hope this may help you...
I work long hours, grab fast food as it's quick and I Iove it. I also have lots of vending machines and charity boxes within metres of my office - all too easy. I felt out of control and frustrated.I made the decision that I am going to do it - assess what is wrong, your motivation, and start introducing new habits.

First, what is out of balance? [This has been a real challenge for me to recognise and admit to myself! I'm used to being Superwoman]Your issues may well be different than mine but this may give you some ideas.
1. My hours are excessively long & often 7 days a week.I cant keep this up. (although I've been doing it for years now)
2. I am sleep deprived, often getting 3 or less hours. This is serious because: I'm probably not that efficient as I'm too tired and lack of sleep leads to hormonal imbalance which impairs the judgement of when to stop eating!
3. I am stressed out. When I'm stressed, I eat. I think this is in part to settle the butterflies in the pit of the stomach and partly procrastinating when dealing with particularly stressful tasks.

My motivation? Identify what will motivate you - be creative.
I could never commit to my rewards. I lack self discipline. Recently sister visited and we discussed our concerns about each others' health. My sister at 53 had a heart attack but still smokes. I am morbidly obese and don't lose weight. We agree it is crazy , irresponsible. But we dont change. :shock: We did a deal. I lose 10kg then she will quit smoking. (She's not ready right now anyway) She stays off the smokes and I keep losing weight. We both aim to get fit. The strange thing is we both feel like maybe we can do it for each other as we are worried about each other, even though we can't do it for ourself.

My plan Attack the issues head on.
- I am undertaking tasks which aren't my primary responsibility so I am determined to increasingly delegate. This is a stretch for me; I always feel other people stuff things up so it's just as easy to do it myself. I've got to change this.
- I am building up to 8 hours a night sleep. This is difficult for me as in my whole adult life I have been an insomniac and used it to my benefit. I've only had a patch of about a month of "reasonable sleep" since I was an adolescent. Over a period of time I aim to slowly increase my sleep hours until I find what I need to wake up naturally feeling refreshed. [That sounds like a dream to me right now. I have difficulty imagining it. :( but hope it will happen ]
- I plan my routine. Initially food but I will add exercise soon. Eat a filling breakfast to lessen the urge to snack. I make a salad/soup/roll for lunch - it only takes a minute, and leave a large plastic container full of fruit & vegetables in the fridge at work. This is all I am allowed to eat while a work. No snacks. [if I have any I go crazy so best to have none.] Drink lots of water. Fruit/veg for morning tea, my salad/soup/roll for lunch fruit/veg for afternoon tea.

I hope this is of a benefit to you. Good luck

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Re: I cannot control my eating of junk food

Postby mumnbub » Wed Jan 21, 2009 7:52 am

Dont worry, there is hope :) I never thought i could give up junk food, i tried for years and could not do it and slowly my weight crept up on me. Then all of a sudden I sat down and decided enough was enough, i dont really know why i did it that day but something felt different. I started seeing a counceller as i had a few issues i wanted to sort out- issues i did not think dirrectly related to my eating habbits but once i started working through everything i was able to stop eating junk.
I did not do it all at once, i was still eating junk up until towards the end of last year but was losing weight along the way simply because i cut most of it out and was giving my body what it needed as well. I dont think going from eating lots of junk to being on a strict diet program will work very well- your body will go into shock and force you to eat junk. take it slowly and eventually you wont have the need to eat junk. I dont eat junk food now, dont have any desire to. When i go out to the shops and its lunch time, i head to the food court and look at KFC, Macas, Red rooster, Chinese, the usual unhealthy stuff but 9times out of 10 I will have sush- not because the little voice in my head is telling me to eat healthy but because thats what I WANT to have.

So my advice is simply to take it slow- go as slow as you need to. If you dont lose any weight for the first month or so then who cares as long as your making changes and eventually your body will start to react and the weight will start to shift. You just cant expect to go from one extream to the other in a matter of days.
Another piece of advice, I found I could give up the junk when I gave up telling myself I could not have any- our unconsiouse mind is like a toddlers mind, will do the oposite of what its told, you say NO but it says YES. So tell yourself that its ok to have a treat every now and again, that way when your out your not fighting with yourself over making the right choices, your more likely to make the right choice when you give yourself the choice.
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