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Detox 7 / 15 DAY ONES

Anything and everything concerning weight loss.

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Detox 7 / 15 DAY ONES

Postby Wife on a mission » Mon Jan 26, 2009 1:22 pm

Hi All,
Can anyone who has used one of these detox products please give me a quick run down on what you are allowed to eat and if you lost any weight.
I have lost weight in conjunction with a dietician and excercise however due to the loss of a parent, i had the last year off excerising and watching what i ate. It was more about just trying to survive the first year after the loss.

Anyway, It's a new year and i am ready again and have started back at the gym. I know how to eat right but of course i am no angel.

I really interested in peoples experience and also for those trying to conceive did you think the detox helped you at all?
Appreciate your input.

Wife on a mission
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Re: Detox 7 / 15 DAY ONES

Postby Jisgone » Mon Jan 26, 2009 3:04 pm

i tried a 15 day one and i think i lasted 5 days!
u can eat basically nothing, fresh fruit and veg and a bit of brown rice, no dairy, no wheat no nothing good at all
ide never do it again haha i became the evil moody censored from hell
i think our bodies do a good job of detoxing that it really isnt necessary to spend 15 days eating nothing
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Re: Detox 7 / 15 DAY ONES

Postby mumnbub » Mon Jan 26, 2009 3:09 pm

I think that if your eating a healthy diet, cutting out as much processed food and limiting cafine then your body should be able to do the job on its own. I cant stand detoxes, I end up failing and gaining weight at the end of it as I just binge! But, if you do have self controle and are just starting a new healthy lifestyle after years of eating junk, drinking junk then it might be a good thing, but not necessarily for 15 days
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Re: Detox 7 / 15 DAY ONES

Postby troublescoot » Mon Jan 26, 2009 4:29 pm

Personally, I tried the Master Cleanse detox diet and I wasn't allowed to eat -anything- for the duration.

I did mine for 8 days and lost 15lbs (was 200lbs, now am 185lbs).

The only things I was allowed to consume: Smooth Move Herbal Laxative Tea, Cayenne/Lemonade Concoction and Salt Water.

Afterward, I was allowed to introduce salad back in the first day, then small bits of real food until I could handle a regular healthy diet.

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Re: Detox 7 / 15 DAY ONES

Postby Mandie » Mon Jan 26, 2009 5:53 pm

Medical point of view?

Your body has kidneys, a liver, intestines, a lymphatic system, an immune system - in fact, inside your body is the most sophisticated detoxification system possible. There is NO NEED and absolutely NO medical basis for "detox" products. It is all a scam to make you spend money. That's it, pure and simple.

Your body already removes "toxins" for you. If your liver and kidneys aren't working, then one of these detox products won't help you - you'll need transplant surgery.

I try not to get to preachy on here but lately I'm getting frustrated with all the "detox" stuff I see around. Not necessary! And can be dangerous, as are any extremely low calorie diets - surviving on purely fruit, or purely cabbage soup, or whatever else you try, is NOT healthy. And no, a multivitamin does NOT replace a balanced diet!
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Re: Detox 7 / 15 DAY ONES

Postby Jisgone » Tue Jan 27, 2009 10:44 pm

u should trust mandie, shes a doctor :lol:
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Re: Detox 7 / 15 DAY ONES

Postby Alexandra » Wed Jan 28, 2009 9:19 am

I'm very sorry for your loss. They are 6 lousy words that don't even convey the enormity of the situation or even the condolences of what I wish to convey but in the absence of any other meaningful ones, I'll just stick with those. I'm sorry for your pain of the last year is probably much better. A friend of mine who is currently grieving and going through loss described how she didn't even like the word "loss" because it somehow referred to the fact that she was careless and misplaced her loved one and that she could "find" them again which of course is not the reality. I know how you are feeling - I lost a parent 2 months ago and I am also trying to conceive and lose weight!

It's a great thing that you are ready to look after yourself and put yourself first - a great gift to yourself and your family. All you really need to do is inspire in them a lifestyle that you want to maintain for the rest of your life - one that your children can look up to and use as an example to live by to maintain a healthy weight for their life time - a very special gift. The basics never change, just healthy eating (we all know what that looks like) and regular exercise! There are no quick fixes. Just be kind to yourself and focus on your health and well being for once! Put your own needs first and look after your health especially at a time when you've been grieving and you've been really hurting. I'm really glad you're ready again! Good luck with your goals and best wishes, Alexandra

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Re: Detox 7 / 15 DAY ONES

Postby Wife on a mission » Wed Jan 28, 2009 6:41 pm

Thank you to All!!
Your comments are totally valid and i did think the same but just hoped like everyone i guess...just maybe something else may work as well.

Its all good though, im eating well and excercising except for today... its 45 degrees in SA!!

One thing though, the weight that i have put back on was from not excercising and not watching what i ate.

I know no-one has mentioned this but when i personally explained to a couple of work collegues that i had taken a year off from being consumed by weight loss and had managed to put the weight back on, they both noded their heads and said "yeah...emotional eating because of your loss".
I personally wouldn't call it that though...bad habits like not eating breakfast and not watching what i was eating... definatley!!

Alexandra, thank you so much for your beautiful words they bought tears to my eyes.... good tears...hahaha.
You have touched me so much!!

Thanks everyone
Wife on a mission
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