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You have all inspired me...How did you do it

Anything and everything concerning weight loss.

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You have all inspired me...How did you do it

Postby GayleMarie » Fri Jun 12, 2009 7:50 pm

Hi there,
If you havent read my previous posts, My name is Gayle, I am 39 years old, I have been married for 19 years, we have an 18 year old son & 2 little miracle girls who are 3 years old & a little 9 month old. I was always around 50 to 55 kilos until I had my son then I was between 65 & 70 & for the last 4 years I have been up & down between 85 & 95 kilos. (currently I am 95kilos). I have lives on yo yo diets for about 15 years & have tried every field of weight loss, but when I fail I loose motivation.
I have been on her for a couple of days reading post after post & noticed the same thing, most of the post that I have read, people have lost a huge amount of weight. I am so impressed by this, you should all be so proud of yourselves. You are all such an inspiration. When I got on this site I was deppressed & had given up on myself, but reading these posts & seeing the determination in your words & confidence that you have gained, I have been once again inspired & excitted to give it another crack. Thank you all so much for showing me, perseverance pays off & commitment is the key.
Who ever reads this, could you please tell me,... 1. what inspired you..... 2 how you did it & 3...... what still keeps you motivated to keep going.
I am hoping the more I read the I learn to finally find the key to my own struggle.
thanks for your time.
hope to hear from you all.
I don't even know you but I feel very proud of you all.
Please respond to this post.
Love Gayle x x x
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Re: You have all inspired me...How did you do it

Postby GayleMarie » Fri Jun 12, 2009 7:54 pm

sorry...I made a typo, after I had my son I was between 67 & 85 kilo, not 65 & 70.
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Re: You have all inspired me...How did you do it

Postby Shalimar » Fri Jun 12, 2009 9:22 pm

What inspired me?

Nothing really, I just decided I was going to give this weight loss thing another shot and admittedly I thought I would be back to my usual eating habits within the month but as people (family) started complimenting and making comments it gave me the kick I needed to keep going.

What did I do?

Far too few calories at the start but it gave me the kick start and the fast results I needed to spur me on and keep me going. I upped my calories bit by bit and started exercising daily,17 months later I am within 12ish kilos of my goal.

What keeps me motivated?

The fact I have lost what I have is motivation enough for me to not go back. I have my down days but who doesn't?

Best of luck to you :D .

SW: 175.0 kgs.
CW: 62 kgs-Hit goal 12 September 2009.
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Re: You have all inspired me...How did you do it

Postby BBgal » Fri Jun 12, 2009 10:15 pm

what inspired me to start my weight loss journey was seeing myself in family pictures and my mums reaction to my weight gain after 2 and a half years, I felt terrible... disgusting and it shattered what little self esteem my denial had kept safe.... I hated feeling like I was the fat chick with the hot guy, and after being with my partner for 7yrs we are looking at growing our family but due to my weight problems and having pcos my chances of falling pregnant were minimal. So I decided to change.....

How did I do it? as soon as I got back from visiting my mum I started doing research on pharmacy diets ( yes I know a lot of people are against them) and after about 2 weeks of online research, consultations , taste tests I decided on Betty Baxter. I went to the doctors and discussed it with him and got the Ok and started the next day. On my first weigh I came in at 99.9kg ( I found that very profound as it was a great time to decide which way I wanted to go for my future as I was probably a week away from triple didgets!!) I started it on the 5th of November 08 and after 7mths I have lost 26kg +. I have had up weeks and down weeks, and am still struggling to combat my comfort eating when my partner goes away for work (he is fly in fly out so every 4th week I am shocking), but I have changed my food habits so much and have learnt so much that will make the quality of my life SOO much better for the rest of it! I now balance my diet with the Betty Baxter meal replacements, healthy snacks, and some great lean meals and the most important thing PORTION CONTROL!!!(that was my main problem I had). I have also started using Calorie king to get into a healthy awareness of what goes into my body everyday.... So now I am 13kgs away from my first goal, I will soon up my calories preparing my body for maintainance, then when I hit goal I will reevaluate if I want to go lower ( which I think I will , about another 5-8kgs) then go on maintenance program for about 6 weeks till I cut out the shakes and replace it with foods of similar calories. Currently I aim for 1100-1200 calories AFTER exercise and am still losing about 1kg a week, this gives me a difference of 100 cal to what calorie king suggests so if I feel like a cookie with a cuppa I can with out feeling too guilty.

My biggest inspiration? My partner. He is my rock, and although we have had to work through some of his self esteem issues with my weight loss (poor dear thought because I was getting hot, he would lose me to some Fabio type male... so got really paranoid) He has been 100% supportive, he constantly wants to reward me for all my hard work. There is nothing more beautiful than the thought because of my weight loss I will have a healthy long life with him, have heaps of little kiddies and do all the things we want to do.... Ohhh and the thought that he wont be the hot guy with the fat girlfriend makes me feel FANTASTIC!!!
SW: 99.9kg ( how close was that to triple digits) 4/11/08
CW: 72.2kg 20/06/09)
GW: 60kg ( Will re-evaluate then to see if I want lower)
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Re: You have all inspired me...How did you do it

Postby GayleMarie » Mon Jun 15, 2009 1:08 pm


Well this is it & I am a very excited for the journey & feel like I have it in me now to give it my all. I am excitted that I am taking control of my life for the better. I am also a little sad, because I have to say goodbye to my comfort friend who was always there for me, in times of sadness, happiness, stress contentment, (everything really), now I have to make a new friend in excercise. We will start of enemies, but I am sure I will learn to like it. Then there is the feeling of fear ....the fear of failure the fear of platuea's the fear of giving up. But right now, right at this moment (I, my friends, am in the ZONE) last night I walked for 1 hour & loved it. (though I do go for walk regualary anyway) I am going to do the wee fit every night because I enjoy that also. I am also going to take my 2 little girls to swimming lessons & after they have had their lesson, my mum is going to mind them while I swim then do a session in the gym. My biggest fear with this is the fact that people will see my body when I get in the pool, though I will have a huge tshirt on. I am also going to dance to music a couple of time a week & just push myself to do it even when I am buggered from running around after the kids all day.

10 Things that I am looking forwald to is....1. Not having a really bad back & foot....2. Feeling fit & Healthy......3. Looking how I imagine myself to be.......4.changing a bad habit & stopping it from being passed down from generation to generation.....5.wearing nice flattering clothes (instead of hide the fat rolls clothes LOL).....6.raising my kids to appreciate good healthy food, the importance of fitness (and to enjoy it) and eating in moderation....7.being agile & energetic with my kids.....8.conquering my demonds.....9.gaining control of my life & being more possitive.......10. being proud of myself. Wow to read it back gives me such inspiration.

Could all you wonderful people please send me post explaining to me how you achieved such motivation with your weight loss, & how you are succeeding at it & how it is changing you life for the better now. I would love to hear you stories, I know it will give me the motivation to keep on the right track.

Good luck to us all
Take care
Love Gayle x x x
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Re: You have all inspired me...How did you do it

Postby michael4 » Tue Oct 19, 2010 4:35 am

This is the purpose of this forum, to read some good stories and stay motivated. It helped me a lot as well.
Thank you all.
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