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Plateau....Could i be eating too little?

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Plateau....Could i be eating too little?

Postby jenna1309 » Sun Jun 14, 2009 2:26 pm

Hi all,

Since December 2007, I have lost around 20 kg-Started at 85kg, and I'm currently 65kg. Im having real difficulty reaching my ideal weight of 60kg, I"ve tried lots of different things, but my weight constantly hovers around 64-65, and has been like this for about a 8-9 months or so. The last thing that I can think of is that perhaps Im not eating enough? An example of my daily diet is below...opinions would be fantastic!

1/2 cup Oats cooked in water & a splash of skim milk
1/2 Banana
Apple OR half a grape fruit


1.5 cup of cheerios & 1 cup skim milk

Skinny latte - regular size

Usually a sandwhich (never white bread) with Vegemite or Tuna
some carrot/capsicum/celery cut up
& a apple OR an orange


A huge garden salad with a little tuna & ricotta on top.

Don't always have an afternoon snack, if I do it would be another coffee, or a carrot, or a couple of corn thins.

What ever is cooked at home, always vegetarian (we eat fish tough) / healthy food. Usually lentil dahls with brown rice, pasta dishes, salads, spanish omlettes....that sort of stuff. If we ever eat take away, it is japanese. Sushi rolls, sashimi, teryiaki tofu etc. I will always have a small portion of this dinner, then load up on salad or steamed vegetables.

If I do get hungry thorought the day, I'll have an extra piece of fruit (could this be my problem?) I also drink heaps of green tea and water! some times i have 2 squares of chocolate after my dinner aswell, but not everyday.

Currently I exercise 6 days a week, alternate with 45 min power walks (around 300-320cals burnt) and 40 min jogs (around 500cals burnt) each morning. I have been doing pump & rpm classes too, which i have stopped in the last month or so...wasnt really liking the gym atmosphere & saw no difference in about 6 months of regular attendance.

Any opinions very welcome, feel free to critique!

thank you!
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Re: Plateau....Could i be eating too little?

Postby [email protected] » Sun Jun 14, 2009 5:26 pm


Your eating plan is good all the way up to dinner maybe some more protein earlier on in the day could also help. Too many carbs in your evening meal. The body knows that it is winding down for the day. Any carbs eaten will go straight to fat storage and not used as energy like they would be when eaten for breakfast or lunch. You have had some great weight loss and maybe a bit of a change will shake the system up.

Your exercise routine is good and I think just needs a bit of variety.

A skinny or any type of Latte is not a snack :D Replace or add something wholesome.

If you want any specific advice send me a PM


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Re: Plateau....Could i be eating too little?

Postby BBgal » Sun Jun 14, 2009 5:30 pm

do you know how many calories you should be consuming? what is your height? It could be your body has gotten used to the routine you have , perhaps shake it up with different foods and exercises ..... do you use calorie king? if not just search for it in google and sign up. Add all your information like height, age weather you want to lose weight etc..... it will then tell you how much you should be eating calorie wise per day and what part of those calories should come from fat, protein and carbs.... you can then add your daily food intake to the food diary and you can see if your eating enough.
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