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Home Business Dilemma

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Home Business Dilemma

Postby SarahC » Thu Aug 17, 2006 11:43 am

I started up my own home based business about 5 months ago. A huge part of this business requires making telephone calls, lots of them, and mostly to people I do not know. The aim of the calls is to invite them to take a look at the business so that they can evaluate it and decide for themselves if they would like to join up.

Now I am a shocker at telephone calls at the best of times, and it took a huge amount of courage to make that first phone call! After a while it did become easier, but I still felt very uncomfortable and it took a long time each day to get going with it. I was working on my business, mostly making calls, sometimes just emailing, every night after I got home from work, from about 6:30pm, and sometimes not getting to bed until after 11pm. I would then wake up at about 5:30am to get my excercise done before work... so I was not getting enough sleep to start with!

The main drama was though, that because I dreaded the phone calls so much, I turned to food. Most nights it seemed as though I would not stop eating from the time I got home to the time I got to bed. Comfort food... or maybe just a way of procrastinating even further... Regardless, I ended up putting on at least 5kgs, leaving me in a situation where I couldn't fit into any of my clothes, couldn't go out anywere because I had nothing to wear, and felt absolutely shocking in general! (Luckily that has eased off a bit now since coming to this site, and starting to get rid of a tiny bit of weight)

So I hit the panic button, stopped doing what I was doing, and I am now focussed completely on getting rid of those extra kgs. At night I spend most of my time excercising, preparing food, doing housework etc, instead of working on my business.

This is great but I'm feeling really guilty about abandoning all the hard work that I did on my business! I don't want to give up my business because of the investment I have put into it so far, in terms of time, money and emotions. And because of the significant financial benefit that could come of it (I don't want to be still working when I'm 65!!) But I'm afraid that if I go back to it, that I'll start overeating / bingeing again, and get back into the same destructive pattern.

Sorry I have written an essay here... just not too sure what to do, so any input would be great :)
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Postby Hayley » Thu Aug 17, 2006 11:52 am

Wow! Sarah, that must have been so difficult for you - working 2 jobs and running a household too! I wish I had some good advice for you but I don't really know what to say.

I think it's fantastic that your health is so important to you now. If your unhealthy or dare I say, no longer on this earth, then what good will your business be to you anyway?

Good on you for taking the risk and starting your own home-based business. I wish I could find something that I could do from home too, that way I can have my 3 yr old at home and earn some money for our family at the same time.

I'm sure you'll start to settle into a routine and maybe even be able to set aside just a little time in the evening for your business, without running yourself down.

Good luck, I wish you all the best with that. Can I ask what your business is?
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Re: Home Business Dilemma

Postby Dolly » Thu Aug 17, 2006 2:33 pm

SarahC wrote: The aim of the calls is to invite them to take a look at the business so that they can evaluate it and decide for themselves if they would like to join up.

If you suffer from phone shyness (I know a few people that suffer from this) perhaps you could type the information down on paper and post it in their mail box (less confrontational stress) that way you would only have calls from people who are interested.

Make lots of popcorn and store it where you sit the most. So if you're going to grab for a snack it'll be filling and nutritional.
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Postby KimE » Thu Aug 17, 2006 7:27 pm

I agree with Dolly put healthy snacks in your work area and be strict with yourself.
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Postby SarahC » Fri Aug 18, 2006 9:31 am

Thanks guys for that :D

Yes it was horrible... effectively trying to do two jobs, and look after myself at the same time. Like I said, I barely slept, the house was a mess, and I never washed my car for three months :shock: I just ate, and worked, then ate some more... And there's really not much point in doing anything if it's affecting your health :(

It would be great if I could do it all by email or mail, but the problem is that people just don't respond. I have sent out a fair few hundred emails, and received I think 2 or 3 responses. So I have to follow up the emails with a phone call :(

Maybe it's all just about finding a routine that suits me... finding a way to fit it all in without running myself into the ground. Just have to get the eating under control, and then maybe ease back into it slowly, maybe doing a bit less excercise. I'm building up a few good habits, so I'd want to be sure that they will stick. And that they would be able to overpower the anxiety that I feel when I have to make a phone call :?

And I'd want to try to find a way of not taking the business so seriously and getting so involved in it... like my life depends on it! If I could just put aside an hour each night and be happy with that, it could work. Better than nothing at least :roll:

Leaving lots of healthy snacks around the place is a great idea too. Lately I've been cutting up extra carrot and celery sticks while preparing dinner, and leaving them out for later. Popcorn - yum! Has anyone found the Mother Earth popcorn in the supermarket, it's in amongst all the potato chips! There's virtually no fat in them, and they're already popped so you don't need to dirty dishes :D

Hayley, if you want to know what the business is, I can PM you with the website. Just a bit unsure of going into it here, as last time I mentioned it on a site like this I was amost slaughtered by the girls on there... they got the wrong end of the stick somehow and thought I was trying to advertise :cry: :oops:
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