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Deprest and on the edge of giving up

Anything and everything concerning weight loss.

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Re: Deprest and on the edge of giving up

Postby Nikki.p » Wed Dec 09, 2009 5:39 pm

hey ruby,

its just been 1 really long process and ive reached the point were i cant anything to be positive about anymore, so i figured taking a break from this crazy structure im under may just give me room to breath and think more clearly bout life.
the day u posted the pin up site i joined and was really excited about everything but once they sent out the meal plans it just really hit hard, i went straight away to buy most of the products i needed to make the food and it just cost so much money i sort of freaked abit and couldnt relax myself at all, sort of like a panic attack, paying for rent and a car its just got me down real bad. i figured ill give myself till the new year and have time to think about wat i want and plan it out the best way for myself.

the thyroid thing is all set, ive got doctors next week, but ive been reading up on it and now i cant stop worrying about wat mite happen if the results arent good. im scared that i will be told that its not possible for me too lose anymore weight, i mean ive been stuck for 8 months so maybe thats it for me and im scared of the idea to go on medication.
ive been trying to find out if people can still lose weight even wen having a thyroid disorder but from wat ive been reading is that it mite get even harder.
so i havent givin up yet but i think ill be having a pretty crappy christmas and then just wait and c wat happens.

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Re: Deprest and on the edge of giving up

Postby wannabeslim » Wed Dec 09, 2009 5:51 pm

if it does turn out to be a thyoid problem and it is harder to loose weight i think you should definatley see a councillor with experience in weight problems. its not fair to take it out on your self but i can imagine thats exactly what i would do in your situation.
i have some ideas for cheap healthy food
first of all if you buy pre cut meat for stirfrys, just check if a peice of steak is cheaper. sometimes its can save you a bit!
buy tuna for lunches. buy a large tin of greenseas tuna and put some on your salad every day. try to keep the rest in the can with its water and it will stay fresher.
packs of frozen veges are great and usually cheap.

also green tea is great for keeping your metabolism going! believe me!
good luck hun xxx
2010 goal: get to 56-8kg and keep fit & healthy!

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Re: Deprest and on the edge of giving up

Postby rubyfox » Wed Dec 09, 2009 10:36 pm

Hi Nikki

Waiting until the new year is a really good idea. Christmas is the absolute worst time to be trying to lose weight. I know it's hard and you've probably been told this a million times but weight is not the most important thing in the world, even though magazines and weight loss companies want you to believe it is. Just try and forget about it for a couple of weeks, and look after yourself as best you can. It does sound like you're a bit depressed so it's not a good time to stress yourself out even more. Don't panic about your thyroid, I have 2 friends who have thyroid problems and it's no big deal, they just take a tablet every morning to replace thyroid hormones. One of my friends in particular was feeling really bad, tired and depressed, before she started the medication, but after a couple of months she said she felt so much better and couldn't believe the difference. I ordered a program from Pin Up Bodies today, but I probably won't start it until January so it'll be my new year's resolution. It's good to know it will be there for me after Christmas and everything so when I need it I'll be off and running, hopefully. I'll let you know how it goes - maybe we can be doing it at the same time?

Be good to yourself.
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