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back from hiatus

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back from hiatus

Postby Lucid87 » Thu Jan 14, 2010 7:19 pm

Well i didn't mean to take such a long break from here, i probably felt guilty because I wasn't doing anything.

I'm on summer holidays at the moment and boy did that spell trouble, late night dvds and snacks, going to bed when the sun came up and sleeping a looong time during the day and then having to get up occasionally for work early on not very much sleep. Plus i am no longer friends with my best friend and i'm seeying my friends from tafe a lot more now that tafe has finished (for them anyway) .

But , i have a birthday party on saturday and my ex best friend is going to be there with her new cheesy boyfriend (who is the brother of a tafe friend, awkward!) so i decided to do a cleanse to lose as much water weight as possible and also just refresh and recharge my system before healthier eating begun. However half way through day one of juicing i realised it wasn't me, so instead i just went straight to the healthier eating with juices included.

Day one and two was a little drained with a strong headache but by the end of day two i was craving sugar which instead i had light ham and light cheese, not the best options i know but i figured it was better than eating the chocolate that i have hidden away from myself. The jucies have been good, gotta do more of them.

So it's thursday and i've lost 1.4 kg since i started on monday, the only exercise i've done has been a pilates class which i'm also doing tonight, first time doing that. I did cheat already and had a bit of sugar last night but then went to the pub and had water with lemon :) Going to up the exercise today and i'm going to start a weight loss goal ticker thing which i've never dared do before.
I also joined the calorie king website to use the food diary, it's difficult because i eat a lot of food that isn't in there so i'm guessing some of it.
Also for the exercise option, we've got a vibrating machine and i have no idea how many calories it burns so i had to guess that too.

Thanks for listening all, it's strange to be held accountable so publicly when i've so much fear of my own habits and emotinal eating.
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Oh my gosh!

Postby Lucid87 » Fri Jan 15, 2010 12:03 am

So my sister roped me into doing a few beginners lesson of pilates with the posibilty of going on to regular class, the only time i'd tried pilates was years ago during a body balance class so i knew it wasn't easy. The first class was on tuesday and was relatively easy, more stretching than anything. Today we started to focus more on the abs and hamstrings, soooo embaressing i could hear my inner negative voice saying WELL look how unfit and non flexible you are, you abs have no strength at all you can't come back here. A little sore now but feel good, bit taller :p

Calories going well today though (so far)

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