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That time of year

Anything and everything concerning weight loss.

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That time of year

Postby Lucid87 » Tue Mar 02, 2010 11:01 am

The dreaded birthday,

How many of us have not wanted to do anything for our birthdays due to our low self esteem?
Then of course there's the "I'm going to lose this much weight by this date"

My birthday is near the end of march and yet again i'm almost the heaviest I've ever been.

I recently found out my ex boyfriend (my first bf) is now engaged. So yay, all i gained from that relationship was a broken heart and around 20kgs.


Been trying calorie king on and off, haven't managed to stick to it for even a week so here's hoping this week is the week.
Hope you're all doing well.
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Re: That time of year

Postby 3messymunckins » Tue Mar 02, 2010 7:39 pm

I know how you feel, My birthday is july so i really wanna be the 80kilos im aiming for by then so i can enjoy the day.

Chin up sweetheart things can only get better hey
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Re: That time of year

Postby liv_twinmummy » Wed Mar 03, 2010 9:01 am

Hey...hope your alright :wink:

I have come to the conclusion that 'deadlines' etc only put unnecessary pressure on us all. Truly! I have always without a doubt said to myself, "i want to lose so many kgs by then or by then "...and so on. After being a yo yo dieter for my whole pre teen and adult life Ive constantly had this in my mind...I never lost the weight EVER and even if I did I knew I wouldnt be able to maintain...Remember our minds can determine what the end result will be :wink:

Just maybe for a while make no goals at all, obviously tell yourself you WILL start the journey to a healthier you, but maybe start making the goals after a few weeks or so???

As soon as I know theres a function or something on, I have to conciously make the decision to NOT try and lose so many kgs before that date...Otherwise Im back where I started and usually worse off :( You owe it to yourself!!

As hard as it might be to know your ex BF is now engaged, again make that concious effort to be 'happy' for him and his fiance' and get back into it. You'll be amazed at just how well you'll feel and you'll start seeing awesome results 8) Goodluck, I'll be looking out for your posts...x

Re: That time of year

Postby Lucid87 » Wed Mar 03, 2010 12:42 pm

Sometimes i'm happy for them but it was a rough break up, anyway here isn't the place for that.

What you said is sort of what I'm trying to do at the moment , It's like i'm trying to take the pressure of because really you don't want a healthy life to have to be a pressure you know? So part of that is not getting down on myself if the day doesnt quite turn out how i want it and if i don't finish putting the calories in CK one day doesn't mean i won't bother trying again the next day. Just making healthy choices one and a time if that makes sense?

Sure it's not really a plan and it's not going to get me to lose a certain amount of kilos by a certain time but i'm hoping it will just get me out of some of my habits maybe.

Exercise is a struggle too but again i'm trying to look at it as some is better than none.. right?

Thanks for the responses guys
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Re: That time of year

Postby Czarina » Wed Mar 03, 2010 2:14 pm

Keep up with CK, it really does work - look at my ticker. Once you get into the habit of using it will become a normal part of you life, it should only take a couple of weeks. Believe me it is worth it!!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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Re: That time of year

Postby miss_viva » Wed Mar 03, 2010 2:55 pm

Hi Lucid,

Sorry to hear that things are a bit rough lately, I hope you're starting to feel better now. I understand what you mean about the birthday thing, some years I have great birthdays, and some years I just feel so 'blah' about the whole thing. I'm not too sure why exactly, sometimes I think they can be a bit overhyped and they never really live up to the expectations. So don't feel too bad, I'm sure a lot of other people feel that way sometimes too :)

Re: your diet - the best advice I have for you is just to focus on making each meal as healthy as you can. I never really used calorie king to begin with, I just focused on using common sense, and trying to eat meals that I thought were good for me. So for example, I cut right down on the junk food, and tried to focus on the basics: like eating 5 serves of vegetables a day and 2 pieces of fruit, some lean protein and no more than 2 slices of bread a day. The weight started coming off for me, just by following simple steps like that. Further on into my weight loss, I started getting a bit more specific and looking things up on calorie king to see exactly what i was eating. This was particularly useful if I was eating out somewhere and wanted to know how many calories were in specific types of foods. To this day though, I don't actively enter everything that I'm eating into calorie king, I just use it as a general guide. Some people like to enter everything though, and it has really worked for them. I'm not knocking calorie king in anyway, it's all about finding a balance and something that works for you :)

re: your ex - Try not to let it get you down, I'm sure there is a reason that you guys broke up, and that underlying issue is probably still there after all this time. It may sound harsh, but if he broke your heart, you're probably better off without him anyway. You'll find someone that treats you well, and that won't break your heart :) Wait until he hears about how fabulous you are looking this time next year!

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Re: That time of year

Postby Lucid87 » Mon Mar 08, 2010 9:06 pm

So I'm having some issues with my fitness atm

I'm a member of a gym which isn't too expensive but a waste of money when I'm not going, they have classes, good cardio equipment and weights. I never go though, i can never get that kick to just get up and finally go. Here are my list of excuses

- Too unfit or uncoordinated for the classes
- My feet/legs hurt when i go so i should go see someone about my feet and then get new shoes
- Too lazy
- Don't have enough energy

and the list for not doing exercise at home or outside of gym are similar except they include feeling guilty for wasting money on a gym membership i'm not using.

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